Dental Calls Scheduling Training

Make the Most of Your Marketing with a Trained Front Desk Staff


A friendly, well-trained receptionist can substantially increase your production and bottom line

How much business are you throwing away because of receptionists who don’t know how to schedule?

Your receptionists can make or break your marketing and your patient referrals. Receptionists who are inexperienced or poor at call scheduling  can inadvertently send prospective patients away in droves! A good receptionist should be scheduling at least 70 to 80 percent of new patient calls that come in from good marketing.

Most untrained or inexperienced receptionists’ scheduling ratio is around 35 percent. The really poor ones schedule only 10 percent or less of the calls coming in. If you think your receptionists are scheduling below 60 percent, you should give us a call. We can help you take your scheduling ratio up to optimum levels.

Free Call Scheduling Evaluation

We provide a free call scheduling evaluation of your receptionists. We conduct mystery shopping calls and enact the main scenarios receptionists encounter in trying to schedule. We will provide you an evaluation of how your receptionists did against our proprietary 15-point call scheduling checklist.

Call us to schedule your free evaluation: 949‑600‑6258 or click here to contact us online.

Gilleard Scheduling Training Program

We have listened to many thousands of new patient calls into dental practices as part of our call tracking service and we have isolated the main issues receptionists run into. We have created a custom program to address these issues.
Most dental practices schedule 50 percent or less of their new calls. Our proven training methods car raise this percentage to 80 to 90 percent.

You might not know it, but your receptionists may be responsible for one or more of many different errors that are causing you to have a lower-than-optimum scheduling ratio. Such as, poor phone manners, a bored, unfriendly or disinterested tone, answering questions and not trying to schedule, a poor understanding of your services, poor handling of price and insurance questions, and many more.

We have accreditation with PACE and the AGD to offer CE credits.

Our training programs include a CD of  sample calls and a flip chart.

Our Scheduling Training Program is completely customized to your practice. We listen to your calls using call tracking or we conduct mystery calls. We create a customized plan for each receptionist to improve their skills. We also conduct in-person interviews to further probe into the difficulties each receptionist is running into.

We train each receptionist individually on the all the important factors needed to successfully schedule new patients. Our program includes a flip chart with scripts for the main scenarios your receptionists run into and a CD with sample bad and good calls.

We offer one- and two-day on-site training programs plus two months of follow-up phone training. Phone coaching packages are also available for receptionists that are already adept and only need a refinement of their skills.

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