Dental Implant Marketing

Successful implant marketing for general dentists and specialists

Magazine and website
The major focus of our dental marketing is the marketing of dental implants. We have successfully marketed many dentists’ implant services, including implant-supported bridges, implant-supported or implant-retained dentures,  hybrid dentures and same-day loading procedures. We have helped our clients considerably raise their patient numbers for implant cases, including very high-production cases.

Which marketing works best for implant dentistry?

Dental implant magazine and focus website

We make magazines and websites dedicated to dental implant services.

With the breakthrough of 3D cone beam imaging and 3D software, more dentists than ever have been able to offer their patients dental implants. This has also made dental implant marketing very competitive, especially on the Internet. Internet marketing for dental implants can be tough to succeed with due to the high cost-per-click of paid advertising and the high competition for top spots in the natural results. Some geographic areas are particularly tough to market in, such as metro areas with dense populations of dentists.

Complimentary Implant Internet Marketing Analysis

We provide a complimentary analysis of Internet marketing of implants for your practice. We examine the competition, the cost per click for paid advertising in your area, as well as how much volume of searches you can expect to get.  We review your local search presence, as well as your reputation on the Internet.

To schedule your analysis, call us at 949-600-6258 or email us at: . 

No matter how competitive, we always recommend an implant dentist have a high-quality website designed to interest viewers in their implant services. Even when referred by a patient or learning about you through other marketing, most people will go to a website for more information. Our websites are custom to the practice and designed to be engaging and to elicit appointments.

Our most successful marketing program for dental implants

High-production services magazine and focus website.

Many of our clients also feature other high-production services in their magazine or website.

Our most successful program for implant marketing is our Custom Magazine Direct Mail Program.  Our 12- or 16-page magazines are made exclusively for a practice and are designed to appeal to people needing more extensive dental work. These magazines are sent to the target demographics. The magazines’ engaging format and similarity to commercial magazines makes them attractive, interesting and desirable to keep.

A focus on implants or a comprehensive look at your high-production services

You can do an entire magazine or a website dedicated to  dental implants. Alternatively, for many of our clients we create a magazine or website that features the doctor’s various implant services as well as services such as full-mouth reconstruction, smile makeovers, orthodontics, gum disease treatment, cosmetic gum treatment and TMJ treatment.

The key to our success  is scientific, custom marketing that engages the reader through the use of hot buttons, appropriate imagery and personal copy about the practice’s dental implant services.

This important field of dentistry deserves expert marketing to not only educate your target audiences on your services, but also to stand out in this ever-increasingly competitive market.

Call 949-600-6258 or contact us here for a complimentary marketing consultation to see how we can help you with your dental implant marketing. We’ll answer any questions you have and, as needed, analyze your current implant marketing. 

Dental Implant marketing testimonials

The most successful way of attracting new patients I have found…

“…has been with the help of Gilleard Dental Marketing. Gilleard put together a customized website and marketing program BASED ON MY PRACTICE. From the DAY we went online with our new website, with online advertising, we began attracting quality new patients looking for the type of dentistry I like to deliver. Implants, crowns, veneers, cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign® are some of the procedures our new patients HAVE COME IN REQUESTING! When new patients come in they are looking for treatment.”

—Bill Davidson, DDS


Gilleard is the fourth company to design our website…

“…and all I can say is WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Since Gilleard launched our new website our number of new patients each month has doubled. Before Gilleard we rarely ever made it to the first page of SEO….now we are always #1. We get more new patient calls from our website than we ever have – and we have had a website for 15 years. We are also seeing a broader range of patient referrals. Prospective patients are so impressed with what they are seeing on our site, they are willing to drive quite a distance to meet us.”

—Mark J. Weingarden, DMD, Periodontist

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