Internet Marketing Program

Boost your new patients with our Internet Marketing Program for Dentists

We create custom Internet marketing programs personalized to your practice that are designed to drive a high volume of visitors to your website. We use scientific methodology to get into the minds of your target markets to produce marketing that resonates with them and gets the phones ringing.

There are two issues to address in Internet marketing:

  • How good of a marketing tool your website is, as demonstrated by the number of new patient calls.
  • Using successful and cost-effective methods of getting your target markets to your website.

Free Internet Marketing Evaluations

We offer free evaluations of:

  • Your website
  • Your Internet marketing to your website, such as your ranking on Google compared to other dentists in your area, your Google Maps listing, etc.

Call 949-600-6258 to schedule your free evaluation or click here to schedule online.

Internet Marketing Program Costs

Costs will vary depending on what you need to ensure a good flow of new patients. If you need to drive more people to your website to quickly increase your new patient numbers, we recommend pay-per-click advertising (the ads on the top and bottom of search engines). It’s the most sure-fire way of getting a volume of calls into your office (when properly done). It can be potentially be replaced by other forms of Internet marketing down the road.

If your website is decent and only requires moderate updating, our pay-per-click programs start at $547 per month plus a small set-up fee and pay-per-click budget. Our proprietary, optimized PPC campaigns make the best use of your budget. Your PPC budget depend on the geographical area you are in, what services you want to market and how many new patient calls you want. They start at $600 per month but can be set at the level you want in order to get the flow of new patients in you desire.

Our search engine optimization/social media packages start at $899 per month for six months after which we do an evaluation on what else, if anything is needed to optimize your rankings.

If you need a new website or your current website is not a good marketing vehicle, we recommend creating one of our custom websites.

Our custom website are built using our scientific marketing methodology, including market research and surveys in your area, custom photo shoot and custom copywriting.

Scientific Internet marketing

We use scientific marketing techniques, including:

  • Market research to isolate your target market’s hot buttons, to form a correct demographic and geographic plan, and to ensure you stand out from competitors.
  • Analytic tools to monitor and adjust your Internet marketing, including Google Analytics, analytics software and call tracking.
  • Constant testing and optimization. Especially at the beginning of your Internet marketing, we analyze results and tweak your marketing to ensure you are getting optimum results.

What can our Internet Marketing Program include?

Our Internet Marketing Program is tailored to the individual practice and can include:

  • Custom Dental Websites designed to convert web visitors into your patients. All of our websites are responsive and resize to fit any device.
  • Google Maps (known as Google Business Page) optimization to tap into people searching for a local dentist.
  • Search Engine Optimization (various actions taken to have your website come up as high as possible on the search engines).
  • Pay-per-click advertising (the ads on the top and bottom of search engine results) on Google and Facebook.
  • Review service to assist you in getting your patients’ enthusiastic reviews on the Internet, such as Google Maps.
  • Yelp page optimization.
  • Social Media such as Facebook, blogs and review sites.
  • Professional videos introducing your practice and patient testimonial videos.

Successful Google Certified Adwords Partner

Our Internet marketing staff are trained in Internet marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) and are certified by Google in Google’s pay-per-click partner program, Adwords. Over the years we have scientific fine-tuned our pay-per-click marketing so that is gets volume clicks from your target demographics and is cost-effective. Our honed ability in PPC is shown in the greatly increased volume of phone calls and emails into the practice and new patients scheduled.

Our Google rep also let us know that how well we are doing. In comparison to other PPC agencies:  we have a higher client retention rate, higher quality scores for our Google ads and websites—which translates to better ranking and lower PPC costs. Our ads also have a higher average click through rate.

What results can you expect from our Internet Marketing Program?

Our Senior Pay-Per-Click Advertising Specialist reviewing the results of an Internet Marketing program with the CEO.

Our clients routinely double or even triple or more their inflow of patients. Read what our clients themselves say here.

Who can benefit from our Internet Marketing Program?

Dentists with no website need to have an Internet presence as most of their target potential patients use the Internet to find a dentist or to find out more about one that they have heard about.

Many dentists have a website already but are not getting the results they would like. Our Internet Marketing Program uses scientific marketing to isolate the exact messaging and imagery on the website to engage web visitors and to send your target audiences to the website.

Expertise applied to Internet and web marketing

Our Internet Marketing Director has over 20 years’ experience successfully marketing businesses both on and off-line.

Our Internet Marketing Program was developed based on our expert marketing knowledge, market research and constant testing. We have a large database of what is successful in Internet marketing for dentists, which along with custom market research, we apply when we develop your website and web marketing. We have developed many proprietary procedures and checklists to implement what we know is necessary for Internet marketing to work optimally.

To get any questions answered, to get more information or to get advice on which direction to take with your marketing, click here to schedule a marketing consultation.

Daniela Nguyen

The website is up, Google AdWords is running, and we have a lot of new patient phone calls!!!! You have the magic!

“In May, we had a total of 90 new patients come to the office! We appreciate what you have done for us. The staff I have worked with have exceptional. The D/Creative Director worked with me on my website could see his passion for creating websites. He is very meticulous and has awesome ideas about how to make the website stand out.

“The Internet Marketing Manager is very confident and talented. She seems to know dentistry inside and out. She puts herself into her client’s situation to bring about the best marketing strategy. I admire her work ethic and passion to bring success to her clients.”

—Daniela Nguyen

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