Dental Marketing Articles

The Simple Rule of Successful Dental Marketing

It struck me a long while ago that there is a need to simplify what marketing and advertising is for a dental practice. Many of our clients and other dentists were in a state of confusion as to what to do to really get the type of patients they wanted and the number of new […]

Affordable Custom Mailers for Your Dental Practice

Would you like to get the word out about your practice? We have an 11″x17″ mailer that is custom made just for your practice. Our mailer program includes: Professional photo shoot Custom design Custom copywriting Printing of 50,000 mailers Distribution to your target demographics Call tracking Monthly results reports Our 10-month program cost only $2,630 […]

The Main Elements of Effective Dental Marketing

There are some basic principles that when adhered to ensure the phone rings. We employ these in every marketing campaign we create. Use market research. Survey some of your patients and find out what they like about your practice. Check out what other dentists in your area are doing. Study the demographics of your zone. […]

A Look Inside Gilleard Dental Marketing

Just recently we took photos of some of our staff at work, so we thought we would share them with you. We are very proud of our staff. They are talented, competent and dedicated, and we couldn’t be happier with them.              

The 10 Vital Steps for Successful Marketing

There is a specific procedure marketing needs to follow in order to be truly successful. 1. Market Research. This includes an understanding of the demographics, the competition and surveys to gain insight into the mind of the target audience. With this information you can create marketing that will resonate with the target demographics and get […]

How You Can Control Your New Patient Flow

Clients sometimes ask us how to control their new patient flow. To get more patients, to keep the flow even, or even to pause it. It’s simple of course, but it’s based on having workable Internet marketing or direct mail. Without a marketing vehicle (a website, a direct mail brochure, etc.) that uniformly attracts interest […]

How to Get a Good New Patient Flow in All Seasons

Now and then our clients tell me that they want to put their marketing on hold during their “off season”. They want to make sure they don’t lose money when there are not enough people around looking for dental work. I always give them the same reply: if you want to keep your new patient […]

How to Make the Most of Your Marketing

Sometimes clients call me and ask me how they can make the most of their marketing. They’re getting a good number of inquiries from their Internet marketing and/or their custom magazine and they’d like to increase their scheduling ratio. I usually refer them to our Internet Marketing Manager or Print Distribution Manager for help. We’ve […]

Why Our Clients Chose Us for Their Dental Marketing

Recently we completed our annual survey and along with asking our clients about their marketing goals, we naturally also asked them why they chose us and what they considered our company’s strengths to be. The main factors can be summarized as: The client received a positive referral from another client. Many of our clients were […]