Dental Marketing Articles

How to Make the Most of Your Marketing

Sometimes clients call me and ask me how they can make the most of their marketing. They’re getting a good number of inquiries from their Internet marketing and/or their custom magazine and they’d like to increase their scheduling ratio. I usually refer them to our Internet Marketing Manager or Print Distribution Manager for help. We’ve […]

Why Our Clients Chose Us for Their Dental Marketing

Recently we completed our annual survey and along with asking our clients about their marketing goals, we naturally also asked them why they chose us and what they considered our company’s strengths to be. The main factors can be summarized as: The client received a positive referral from another client. Many of our clients were […]

How Do You Acquire New Patients for Your High-Production Services?

Many of our clients originally came to us to increase their delivery of services outside of cleanings, crown/bridge and fillings. Some of them had not been doing much marketing, but others had been doing some marketing, such as Internet marketing, postcards, coupons, radio and TV, but were not achieving the results they wanted. Uniformly, the […]

Why Using Hot Buttons is Vital

Your prospective patients have lots of choices of dental practices to go to. They get these choices in the mail, they get them via coupons packs, they look for them on the Internet, they hear them on the radio, and they even see them on TV. What makes them choose one dental practice over another? […]

Why Print Marketing is Still Very Relevant

With the advent of the Internet, people’s methods for finding products and services underwent a dramatic transformation. Instead of relying on the phone book, catalogs and coupons, they switched to using search engines and directory sites such as Google and Yelp. Everything you could need can be found on the Internet, including dental services. That […]

Why Periodontists Should be Marketing and How to Make it Successful

With advances in technology, many general dentists are doing procedures that have been traditionally the province of the periodontist, or the oral surgeon. Implant surgery and even advanced periodontitis are being treated in general practices using 3D imaging and software and lasers. For the most part, however, a general dentist can’t match the years of […]

What is “Good” Marketing?

In my last article I qualified “good marketing” as effective in getting far more return than the investment made. There’s a lot of technical advice I could give to achieve this, but I think the most useful piece of advice for a layperson is to put himself in the shoes of the type of new […]

What is Marketing and Why Do it?

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But it is not understood by many dental practice owners. When one markets a product or service you are making it known to your target audience that the product or service is available. You are not just making it known though! You have to make it known in a way that […]

What is Search Engine Optimization? (SEO)

A lot has been said about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its potential benefits in driving new business to small businesses such as dental practices. In all the hype, it is easy to get lost in the technical concepts relating to SEO. As a result, few business owners seem to have a good grasp on […]