Dental Marketing Articles

What is Marketing and Why Do it?

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But it is not understood by many dental practice owners. When one markets a product or service you are making it known to your target audience that the product or service is available. You are not just making it known though! You have to make it known in a way that […]

What is Search Engine Optimization? (SEO)

A lot has been said about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its potential benefits in driving new business to small businesses such as dental practices. In all the hype, it is easy to get lost in the technical concepts relating to SEO. As a result, few business owners seem to have a good grasp on […]

Getting the most new patients out of your marketing – How to handle incoming new patient calls

You’ve spent a lot of time, money and effort on making sure you have great marketing materials that reflect the strengths of your practice and invite potential patients to contact you for an appointment. Your website is up, your Internet ads are running and your magazine is being distributed in a 20 mile radius around […]

Mobile Websites

Now important for your practice Apple founder Steve Job’s obstinacy in pushing the envelope into new and more workable technologies has made many websites that were state-of-the-art as little as a year ago into redundant dinosaurs. In other words, your fancy “flash” animation that looked so high-tech on your computer or laptop doesn’t even show […]

Increasing New Patients – The Key Ingredients, Part 3

A good number of impressions on Google is not the same as good impressions made on Google! Quite often it comes up that a practitioner has had a lot of interaction with salesmen from dental marketing companies and are really interested in (and often confused about) getting to be “number one” on Google or “dominate […]

Is Direct Mail a Viable Option for Dental Practices?

With the advent of the Post Office’s Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program in late 2011, direct mail became a feasible marketing alternative once again. Before the Internet, the most successful direct mail method was the information packet: an envelope containing minimally a letter, a flyer or brochure, an offer and an order form. Most […]

Increasing New Patients – The Key Ingredients, Part 4: Marketing Synergy

It is well known by advertising and marketing pros that advertising works best when done as a campaign. You see an ad on TV to buy, let’s say, the latest BMW Then you see a billboard with the same message and imagery. And then you hear a radio ad, and see an ad in a magazine […]

Growing Your Practice With “Real” Marketing

I am always asked what makes us different in our marketing, and I have to reply that we provide “real” marketing. Maybe I should rephrase: we apply the scientific, time-proven principles of marketing used by the most successful ad agencies and corporations to the field of dentistry. Marketing is a process. It isn’t a “clever” […]

High Production Cases

The Key Ingredients: High Production Cases Is there a secret to marketing for big cases? And has the economy taken its toll? Some dentists will agree with the latter question, that they are getting less big cases. Is there a way around this? The answer to this is “yes”. And to answer this properly we have to […]

Growing Your Practice with Custom Magazines

Our websites provide an excellent platform for Internet marketing to drive new patients into the practice. For practices that want to grow more, our most successful companion marketing item by far has been our custom magazine. New patients statistics for our clients doing our custom magazine program are similar to or even better than their […]

Our Mobile Planet… Are You Going Mobile?

Instead of boring you with some of my ill-equiped know-best, I figured I would provide statistic trends for your coffee break enjoyment. And an info graphic to help wash it all down. Website traffic from desktop saw a 10% decrease in volume between 2012 to 2013 while website traffic from tablets and smartphones saw 77.81% […]

What Are The Important Factors In Marketing?

Marketing gurus and pundits abound, and even sales people add to the mix with their 2 cents. In amongst the abundance of opinions there are some factors more important than others. Here is a summary of a talk we gave recently to dentists at a convention in Las Vegas. I hope this will give you some […]

Six Keys to Marketing Success for Dentists

Six Keys to Marketing Success for Dentists  By Keith Gilleard Below is a reprint of an article we recently did for The McGill Advisory, a newsletter of the McGill & Hill Group, a top financial services company for dentists. Many dentists have had unsatisfactory results from their marketing efforts. Despite optimistic projections from marketing firms […]

Marketing Your “Profit Centers”

Intelligently marketing the different services a practice offers is one of the key factors in financial success. In business parlance, a “profit center” is a part of the business targeted to generate a percentage of the overall income. For example, the food and beverage and room service departments in a hotel. In dentistry, potential profit […]

How Branding Can Help Boost Your New Patients

People think of branding as a logo and slogan but branding inits purest sense includes positioning, which is how you position yourself in the market place in relation to other similar businesses. Some examples of positioning a dentist could adopt include “experienced smile makeover dentist”, “full service dental implants” and “friendly family dentist with comprehensive […]

Increasing New Patients – The Key Ingredients, Part 7: Knowledge, Research and The Mind – How These Apply to Attracting New Patients

Marketing success just like success in any endeavor is produced by knowledge of and experience in the subject at hand and rolling ones sleeves up, getting in there and doing hard work until one achieves competence. Technology, while it does make some actions simpler and faster, does not think or engage people. Only people think […]