Marketing for Periodontists

Successful marketing programs for Periodontists

Gilleard Dental Marketing has an excellent track record marketing periodontists, especially their implant services. In today’s competitive market, we help periodontists interest consumers in their expert services, while maintaining their referral base.

Our periodontist clients have achieved a good flow of new patients with both our Internet and direct marketing products.

Direct-To-Consumer Marketing

In the last years the line between the specialist and the general dentist has blurred, making it necessary for many periodontists to augment their traditional referral practice with direct-to-consumer marketing. We have been able to help periodontists successfully make this transition.

Key to this success has been websites and magazines that properly show the expertise and value of our clients’ periodontal and implant work.

Here is what some of our periodontist clients have to say:


The AAIP is there to help recreate the periodontal practice. Gilleard makes that re creation much easier.

A Letter to Periodontists from Lee Sheldon, DMD

“There is a renaissance beginning within the periodontal profession which has everything to do with marketing to the public. As founder of the American Association of Independent Periodontists, I want to give you some perspective of who we are and where Gilleard Dental Marketing fits into the overall scheme of the AAIP.

dental-specialist-marketing-3“The AAIP as an organization is dedicated to elevating the position of the periodontist in the eyes of the public. The person with complex dental needs should be seeing a periodontist because of our specific training in diagnosis and treatment planning.

“That requires that the prospective patient call the periodontist for a consultation. As importantly, it requires the periodontist and the staff to handle the new patient in a far different way than we do when the patient is referred from another dentist.

“One of the principal ways in which a prospective patient searches for answers is via the Internet. And this is where Gilleard Dental Marketing excels. As a result of Gilleard’s expertise in providing a compelling website and a Google AdWords campaign to accompany that website, we are seeing upwards of 20 new patients a month from that campaign alone. Gilleard began as a market research company. The market research that they have done for our practice has been fundamental to the success of our Internet campaign.

dental-specialist-marketing-4The AAIP is there to help re-create the periodontal practice. Gilleard makes that re-creation much easier.

Lee Sheldon, DMD
American Association of Independent Periodontists

Read Dr. Sheldon’s testimonial about our marketing programs.

Doctor Success Stories

I am writing this testimonial to relay to future clients of Gilleard Dental Marketing how pleased and thankful we are to have been referred to this company. They understand the dental market and how best to reach future patients. They created our website and also a 16-page magazine all about our practice. They are both extremely professionally done and very visually appealing.

“We are now getting so many new patients from both that we know our initial investment was small compared to the return we are already receiving and which will continue to grow.

Doctor Success Stories

“Gilleard Dental Marketing is the best! All their employees are very professional and provide many different services from the creative directors, distribution personnel, internet marketing and much more.

“I know this relationship with Gilleard will continue and we will continue to reap the rewards of being their client!”

—Stephen J. Feldman, DDS, PA


Gilleard Dental Marketing has launched our practice from 14-15 patients a month to 50+ a month and going up.

“The website coupled to Google delivers a low cost/new patient. Custom magazines have produced consistently, and we consider them a great engine to help patients in our door to get great dentistry from our team. The Gilleard team is so attentive and engaged in making each piece an outreach of our practice personality. We have multiple projects in our pipeline and each is contributing to our success.”

—Joel Henriod, DDS, MHS
Periodontist, Pasadena, CA


Our number of new patients each month has doubled since we teamed up with Gilleard!

“Gilleard is the fourth company to design our website and all I can say is WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Since Gilleard launched our new website our number of new patients each month has doubled. Before Gilleard we rarely ever made it to the first page of SEO….now we are always #1. We get more new patient calls from our website than we ever have – and we have had a website for 15 years. We are also seeing a broader range of patient referrals. Prospective patients are so impressed with what they are seeing on our site, they are willing to drive quite a distance to meet us.

“We are a periodontal practice and with Gilleard’s help and guidance we have been able to successfully market directly to the public. Many of our new patients are finding us on their own, so we no longer have to rely solely on our referral base. This opens the door to working with practitioners that we have not had the pleasure of working with before.

weingarden-patient“Gilleard’s staff is very knowledgeable and extremely accessible. If we have questions or need help they are there for the asking, unlike many the other website companies that would keep us waiting for days to answer questions or to get things done.

“After the disappointing results we have seen with other website companies, we were hesitant to invest in another. However, the results have been well worth the investment and we would highly recommend them to anyone who wants their practice to grow. One word of caution – be prepared for the increase in patient load!”

—Mark J. Weingarden, DMD
Internet Marketing Program

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