Front Desk Training

Receptionist Training

Make the Most of Your Marketing with a Trained Front Desk Staff

Your front desk can make or break your office’s new patient numbers. A well-trained front desk can ensure high scheduling ratios and patients that are more likely to stay around. Poor phone handling can lose you many thousands of dollars of potential production.

We have listened to thousands of new patient calls through our call tracking system and we have isolated the good, the bad and the ugly! With our Front Desk Training Service, you can make the most out of your marketing and curtail new patient losses.

Our front desk training service includes two days of training on:

  • Learning about and handling the different types of calls.
  • Handling calls efficiently in order to be able to give proper attention to new patient and patient scheduling.
  • The scheduling tools to successfully book a new patient appointment.
  • Practical exercises so that the receptionist learns each tool well and can use it with ease to get a patient scheduled.
  • The different types of questions a new patient can ask, and the variety of ways a new patient can ask these questions. The receptionists will practice answering these questions smoothly and guiding the conversation to get the person to schedule.
  • Cancelations and how to prevent the cancelation.

We provide three months of follow-up training. We listen to your receptionists calls and correct them as needed. We’ll answer any questions and address any difficulties they are having.

Each of your receptionists will receive a reference chart and a CD of sample phone calls.

Call for more information: 949‑600‑6258.