The 10 Vital Steps for Successful Marketing

Reviewing a Magazine

Our creative director and pre-press specialist reviewing a proof of a client’s custom magazine.

There is a specific procedure marketing needs to follow in order to be truly successful.

1. Market Research. This includes an understanding of the demographics, the competition and surveys to gain insight into the mind of the target audience. With this information you can create marketing that will resonate with the target demographics and get results.

2. Strategy. Before embarking on creating any marketing item or campaign, it’s important to have a strategy that will correctly position the person, company or service. For example, positioning a dentist as an experienced and skilled implant dentist.

3. Copywriting. In some cases this word has been altered to “content writing”, but in fact any text provided for marketing is considered “copy.” The art of copywriting is over a century old and has exact principles that when followed creates copy that engages and motivates the reader to procure the service or product offered.

4. Design. Actually, before design is the procurement or creation of the imagery that will forward the message of your marketing. For example, a photo shoot or the commission of illustrations. Design puts the marketing into an aesthetic format that will attract and interest the viewer.

5. Coding or Preparation for Press. This is a separate step to design, although they are often mixed together in amateur marketing.

6. Quality Control. Before launching a website or printing a marketing item, it is vital to conduct thorough quality control. This can be as simple as checking for typos, but in our case we have a quality control checklist that reviews the marketing for correct marketing based on the market research, strategy and general marketing principles. It includes multiple proofing and a review of the design against design and marketing principles.

7. Launch or Printing. We have a checklist for launch of websites to ensure the website is functional on all search engines and browsers. For larger projects such as our custom magazines, we do a press check. Our press specialist goes to our printer and ensures the color and alignment of the magazine is accurate.

8. Distribution. In Internet marketing, this is pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization and other ways to get people to come to a website. In print marketing, this is getting the print piece in front of the target demographics via mail, newspaper, distribution in stores and other means.

9. Tracking. The only way you know if your marketing is working or if something needs to be changed is by tracking the results of your marketing. We use call tracking with separate phone numbers for each type of marketing we do for a client. Not only can we track how many people called or emailed for an appointment and how many scheduled, we can also listen to the calls and see how well the prospective patients are being handled. For Internet marketing, we can also track emails and phone calls via software, even down to the exact search term the person used.

10. Review. With the information accumulated via your tracking methods, you can do a review and an evaluation of how the marketing performed. This can be used to tweak or change the marketing and also to bolster what has been successful and to hone in on your target demographics.

This, in brief, is the procedure that ideally should be followed for every marketing piece or campaign. It is the process we always follow to ensure our clients have the best possible marketing of their practice.

As always, we stand ready to help you take your practice to the next level with effective marketing. If you would like more information, please give us a call at 855-743-6310 or click here to email us.