About Gilleard Implant Marketing

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President of Gilleard Dental Marketing, Keith Gilleard, is a marketing expert that has applied his years of corporate marketing know-how to making dental implant marketing successful.


Custom Photo Shoot Results

Part of our implant marketing includes custom-scripted photo shoots or video shoots using hot buttons that will resonate with the target markets.

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Focusing on providing top-of-the-line implant marketing has been a natural progression for Gilleard Dental Marketing. “We started servicing dentists in 2007, when a good friend of mine wanted to take a year sabbatical yet keep his $1 million plus practice going. Our marketing not only accomplished that, but contributed to growing his practice during that year,” says co-owner Keith Gilleard. “Key to that success was focusing on getting him the higher end cases. We are still providing their marketing and today they are a $6 million plus practice.”

As the implant market expanded over the last decade, it was a natural progression for our company to take the forefront in implant marketing. Keith and Deborah Gilleard come from a background of corporate marketing and Gilleard had started life in 2000 as a market research company. “Market research is a vital component of successful marketing,” explains Mr. Gilleard. “It provides the insight necessary to successfully approach and engage your target markets.” The use of market research plus the know-how gained from years of successful marketing for large corporations enabled the Gilleards to create successful systems for implant marketing.

We remain a boutique marketing agency, dedicated to providing our clients personal service and cost-effective marketing completely tailored to their practice. The vast majority of our clients provide implant and full-mouth reconstruction procedures, including implant-supported prostheses, implant-retained dentures, hybrid dentures and same-day teeth replacement procedures. We also count among our clients quite a few nationally and internationally known implant and full-mouth rehabilitation experts and lecturers.


Technological breakthroughs such as 3D cone beam technology have enabled more patients to successfully receive dental implants and more and more dentists to be able to provide dental implants. In this ever-increasing competitive climate, it has become vital to have marketing that cuts through the marketing noise and successfully reaches and engages your target markets.

“This is where our more sophisticated marketing methods really become important,” says Mr. Gilleard. “When you go beyond enticing people to your practice through cheap cleaning offers, discounted prices or insurance availability, you have to apply real marketing technology to capture the market segment you want.”

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