About Gilleard Dental Marketing

You will receive professional and expert dental marketing along with very personal service from us. We consider our clients our partners and work with them to get the results they need.

Gilleard Dental Marketing is headed by Keith and Deborah Gilleard. They are long-time marketers and well-versed in marketing strategy and what it takes to make marketing work.

More new patients through our successful marketing programs

The Gilleards’ years of corporate experience and their experience in helping dentists have resulted in effective dental marketing programs that any dentist can take advantage of at an affordable cost.

The Gilleards opened Gilleard Dental Marketing in 2008 and rapidly expanded operations to cover all aspects of dental marketing. They have  recruited a team of highly qualified personnel to ensure continued quality and integrity of our marketing.

Gilleard Dental Marketing has become known for its ability to significantly increase the flow of new patients into dental practices and the procurement of high-production cases. Read dentist testimonials here.

Unique, custom dental marketing programs

CEO Deborah Gilleard ensures our staff are fully trained in their job. Here, she is working with a copywriter on a client’s magazine.

Gilleard’s unique marketing programs are tailored to each practice’s needs and designed to showcase its strengths and featured services.

You will find us very responsive. We know that our clients are very busy and we make every effort to keep their involvement to a minimum. At each of step of our marketing program there is an expert Gilleard staff to oversee it and, as needed, to coordinate with the client.

We are located in South Orange County, a Southern California technological hub. Gilleard services dentists across the U.S.

Our Executive Team

Keith Gilleard, President & Deborah Gilleard, CEO

Keith has over thirty years of experience in marketing, public relations and market research. He has been the editor of an international magazine, the founder and director of the market research department of a major advertising agency, director of public relations for an international non-profit organization and photographer of celebrities.

Deborah has over twenty-five years of experience in marketing, marketing management, graphic design, market research and marketing strategy. Known for her marketing expertise, Deborah is a sought-after leader for seminars on marketing and internet marketing, as well as a consultant for corporations on their marketing strategies.

Keith and Deborah began their own marketing agency in the late 1990s. They provided top-of-the-line market research, marketing strategies and marketing to a variety of types of companies, from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar corporations. In 2008 they began to transition over to dental marketing and developed techniques for this specialty. Both Keith and Deborah are passionate about assisting doctors in their efforts to help people who need good dental care.

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Mary Louie
Sr. Vice President

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Rick Rosas
Chief Operating Officer

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Robyn Bevens
Sr. Accounts Director


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Susan Bloom
Internet Accounts Director

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Alex Bramall
Project Manager

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Barb Bordonaro
Client Services Coordinator