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Portrait of Keith Gilleard, President of Gilleard Dental Marketing
Keith Gilleard, owner of Gilleard Dental Marketing. Gilleard Dental Marketing has been providing marketing programs for dentists since 2007.

An ideal marketing system for dental specialists during the Coronavirus

by Keith Gilleard

There is a growing movement of general dentists performing specialist procedures in-house, reducing the amount of referrals to dental specialists. The question becomes: how do you effectively directly reach the people that need specialist treatment, including dental implants?

A basic marketing axiom is that you need to reach your target audiences. For a specialist dental office, target audiences include audiences such as 55+ communities and people in more affluent neighborhoods. 

We do a lot of marketing for dental specialists, and I noticed that since dental offices opened up again many of our clients have been getting even better results with their marketing compared to before COVID. 

I analyzed this, and found that a key factor is the method of marketing that we use, which is our custom magazine direct marketing program. These are magazines made specifically for a dental practice and distributed in very targeted neighborhoods.

People are staying at home more and have more time on their hands. Our custom magazines go straight into people's mailboxes and, as they are large, attractive and engaging, they are less likely to be thrown away. Their glossy, color-magazine format also makes them easy to pick up and read.

Map showing pins with distribution points for a dental practice's magazine

Here you can see a map created for one of our clients by our Distribution Manager. She researches the practice area and picks the ideal neighborhoods. We can target by age, income, household size and more.

Many of a practice's target audiences are not actively searching on the internet. For instance, people who are over 55 are less accustomed to going online to research. Our Custom Magazine Program can reach all your practice's target demographics.

I can give you more details if you want to give me a call or email me. You can contact me through my office at 949-305-6927 or by filling out the form below.

Portrait of Dr. David Jurman

Here is a testimonial from Dr. David Jurman, an oral surgeon in New York. Dr. Jurman is a partner in an oral surgery practice with 3 locations and 8 board-certified oral surgeons. They were looking to increase their dental implant and full-arch cases. After distributing their magazine for six months, this is what Dr. Jurman had to say about their results.

“We developed a great partnership with Gilleard Dental Marketing and adore the magazine they created for us. Their thorough distribution strategy helped us target the exact audience we wanted and increased our case volume from one full arch every other month to one every other week!

—David Jurman, DDS

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