Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing

Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing
Gilleard Dental Marketing successfully markets cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry marketing requires special  marketing expertise because it is based on interesting a patient in improving their looks and spending discretionary income rather than the necessity to improve their oral health.

Successfully Marketing Cosmetic Dentistry

We have found the most successful way to market cosmetic dentistry is through Internet marketing and custom magazines distributed where prospective cosmetic patients are most likely to be. Internet marketing is a key part of the marketing mix as cosmetic patients are more likely to use the Internet and more likely to look you up on the Internet even if they do find out about you from another source.

Our approach is completely customized to the individual dentist. Each website is individually designed and written to market the strengths of the practice, using hot buttons, to appeal to prospective patients in the dentist’s particular area.

We offer a complimentary marketing consultation to discuss your marketing needs.


One of the campaigns that seems to be working really well is our cosmetic campaign.

“We have patients that go to the website and come in wanting to do cosmetic work. Some of them even have their financing in order and are ready to go once we show them our techniques.”

—Jacob Wehman, DMD

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