Dental Calls Scheduling Training

Make the Most of Your Marketing with a Trained Front Desk Staff

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Are you wasting your marketing and throwing away business with an untrained Receptionist?

A good receptionist can make or break your marketing!.

Untrained receptionists who improperly handle calls send new patients away in droves!

Optimize your marketing dollars and increase your new patient scheduling ratio with our Scheduling Training program.   A good receptionist schedules at least 70 percent of new patient calls.  Our aim is to get your receptionist operating at or above this level.

From years of listening to clients’ inbound calls to track marketing results, we noted a common problem–untrained receptionists. In reality, untrained or inexperienced receptionists schedule 35% or lower of new patients calling in.

If your receptionists are scheduling below 70%, it’s time to take action.

To help your practice reach an optimum scheduling ratio, we offer a FREE Phone Scheduling Evaluation.


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Free Scheduling Evaluation

Our top-notch training coaches conduct mystery shopper calls and enact the main scenarios receptionists encounter when scheduling. We then provide an evaluation of your receptionist’s performance against our proprietary call scheduling checklist.

Call us to schedule your free evaluation: 855‑486‑2410 or click here to contact us online.

Reserve a one-on-one tailor-made session with our Scheduling Training coach today!


About our Scheduling Training Program


Our Schedule Training Program is designed to:

  • Improve communication skills with your receptionists
  • Train them how to really understand the caller’s needs and bridge them into a new patient scheduled
  • Teach them how to handle queries on prices, insurance questions and general treatment information
  • Give them the skill to schedule any type of new patient call.

Each program is customized to fit the needs of the individual receptionist and consists of a series of tailor-made one-on-one sessions that address these areas. These sessions raise the competency and skill of the receptionist, leading to increased results.

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Your receptionist receives a package of training materials that contains:

  • A training manual with articles on proven methods for dealing with various points of patient interaction
  • A quick guide flip chart so the receptionist has answers to key questions at her fingertips.
  • A CD giving examples of the right and wrong way to handle incoming calls.

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Connect your receptionist to our top-notch team of experienced trainers who work with them over several months, listening to and critiquing their calls and focusing on exact points to increase their effectiveness at handling new patient calls.

Call us for more information: 855‑486‑2410 or click here to contact us online.