Dental Calls Scheduling Training

Make the Most of Your Marketing with a Trained Front Desk Staff

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How much business are you throwing
away because your receptionists have not been properly trained how to schedule?

A friendly, well-trained receptionist can substantially increase your number of new patients scheduled.

Your receptionists can make or break your marketing and your patient referrals. Receptionists who are not trained in the nuances of scheduling can inadvertently send prospective patients away in droves! A good receptionist should be scheduling at least 70 to 80 percent of new patient calls that come in from good marketing.

After years of providing marketing and listening to our clients’ inbound calls to track our results, we noticed a common problem among most offices, untrained receptionists. From our years of collected data, most untrained or inexperienced receptionists’ scheduling ratio is around 35%, with some only scheduling 10% or less of the calls coming in!

Good marketing can bring in calls but if a receptionist is not strategically and thoroughly trained, those calls can fail to convert to scheduled patients.  If you think your receptionists are scheduling below 60%, you should give us a call. We can help you take your scheduling ratio up to optimum levels.


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Free Scheduling Evaluation

We provide a free call scheduling evaluation of your receptionists. We conduct mystery shopping calls and enact the main scenarios receptionists encounter in trying to schedule. We will provide you an evaluation of how your receptionists did against our proprietary call scheduling checklist.

Call us to schedule your free evaluation: 855‑486‑2410 or click here to contact us online.


Reserve a one-on-one customized session with our scheduling coach today!

How our Schedule Coaching works

Our Schedule Coaching Programs are designed to ensure your receptionists can schedule any type of new patient call, and are able to handle queries such as prices, insurance questions and general treatment information. We provide scripts and a flip chart, but the core ability we teach your receptionists is how to really understand the caller’s needs to bridge the caller over into a new patient scheduled. This requires more than just a rote learning of a script with options, which is all most training programs provide.

The Key to our success is our personalization of each receptionist’s training. We listen to a week or two of their calls and isolate the main areas for improvement within each receptionist enrolled in our program.  We then create a custom program to ensure that your receptionists get the most out of each session.

Our training and coaching programs include a free CD of 33 incorrect and correct calls. These calls are based on listening to thousands of calls to our clients’ practices and best practices in new patient scheduling.

Over-the-Phone Schedule Coaching
Our affordable, over-the-phone schedule coaching programs are done remotely by our experienced trainer. Our two-month coaching program includes listening to each receptionist’s calls and individual programs, as well as our Sample Calls CD.

In-Office Scheduling Training
For a more extensive training, we offer on-site training programs so several receptionists can be trained at once.  This In-Office program includes call listening and individual programs that are prepared in advance of the training plus two months of follow-up phone training, as well. With this program your receptionists get the benefit of personal, one-on-one training and help to get through any barriers to conversion they might have.

Call us for more information: 855‑486‑2410 or click here to contact us online.