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Why direct mail has moved back to the forefront of dental marketing

With the advent of Internet marketing, many people thought that direct mail and other print advertising would become redundant. While this to some degree did happen (the disappearance of the phone books, for example), direct mail has been experiencing a renaissance. Why?

The Internet is becoming saturated, driving costs up for dental marketing

For one, the Internet has become busy. Most dentists are on the Internet now and this has done two things: made it hard to beat out the competition to a position on the first page of search results , and it has driven up the costs of pay-per-click advertising, one of the most successful Internet  marketing avenues. For example, the cost of the keyword (search term) “dental implants” has risen to over $20 per click.

The Post Office has implemented affordable mail programs

On the other hand, the costs of direct mail have fallen, thanks to inexpensive mail programs implemented by the United States Postal Service in recent years. As a result, direct mail has become a prime adjunct to Internet marketing, and for some procedures, such as dental implants, a more viable and successful marketing method.

You can only get people from the Internet who happen to click on your website

Not everyone who goes onto the Internet looking for a dentist will click on your website. And not everyone who needs dentistry is searching on the Internet. Direct mail also provides you with a way of raising someone’s interest in doing or acquiring s something – in your case dentistry – , which is the main purpose of marketing and advertising.

What is most workable in direct mail

A lot of dentists equate direct mail with postcards. Postcards are a very minimal use of direct mail, and can be overused. Postcards work best for cheap offers such as low-cost exams and cleanings and very low-cost dental implants. The problem with postcards is they have only a small amount of space to say or show anything and they are a common form of direct mail so they are less likely to grab someone’s attention.

Your direct mail piece needs to stand out

We have found that giving our direct mail items pizzazz garners them a lot more attention and interest. For example, our custom magazines for dental practices.

If you want to get people in for your higher-end procedures you need enough space in your direct mail piece to convince the recipient

Historically, the most successful direct mail had long copy and consisted of several items. People got enough information about the product so that they ended up desiring to purchase it.

We make large brochures and 12 and 16 page magazines. With this much space we can really showcase your practice and its services. And we have a chance to really stimulate interest.

Use of hot buttons

Crucial in engaging a reader is the use of hot buttons in the copy. These are phrases that resonate with people, grabbing their attention and interest. We get these through market research surveys, right from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Vibrant and engaging imagery

Most dental marketing uses stock photos and only a small amount, if any, of the practice. Stock photos have become like elevator music: stereotyped and meaningless. if you want to have impact, and if you want someone to get familiar with your practice, you need to have real photos of your practice. Our direct mail marketing includes a carefully scripted photo shoot of your practice, the doctor(s) and patients.

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