GET A LARGE VOLUME OF LEADS for Dental Implant & Full-Arch Cases with our State-of-the-Art Dental Implant Digital Marketing System

We've been providing digital marketing for dentists and dental specialists since 2007, focusing on dental implant and full-arch marketing. We know how to get the most out of your marketing to get you the implant and full-arch new patient leads you want.

We have developed a marketing system that funnels quality leads by focusing on getting you people who are really interested in going to your practice and getting treatment soon.


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Gilleard Dental Implant Digital Marketing System

Unique and Custom Built Landing Pages to Attract the Right Kind of Leads

Our implant and full-arch case procurement system is based on extensive research and years of experience helping implant dentists and specialists.

To get the results you want, it's vital to show your prospective implant and full-arch new patients not only the importance of getting their implant treatment, but also why they should get their treatment in your office. We showcase the expertise and experience of you or your doctors, the friendly and comfortable office environment, and the benefits of why a patient should come to you for dental implant treatment.

Your program includes a custom photo and video shoot with our highly experienced dental photographer whose photos and videos are proven to make you stand out from your competition. This personalization will also make your potential patients more comfortable contacting your office to see you.

The pages will be written by our highly trained dental marketing copywriter who will reach the potential patients with the right message.

lipson landing

Digital Ads That Drive a High Volume of Prospective Patients to Your Custom Landing Pages

We’ve taken our 15 years of experience in digital marketing for high-value cases to create Google and Facebook ads that get you the leads you need.

Our ads are custom-designed and written for your individualized marketing campaign and are optimized after launch to give you the maximum results. Our highly experienced ad managers know how to get the ads to reach their peak performance level.

missing teeth ad
fb ads
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Lead Scheduling, Screening and Activation to Convert Leads into Patients

Our implant marketing system encourages potential new patients to call your office to schedule their appointments to see you, as their interest may be highest when they first come to your landing page.  We provide scripts and training for your receptionists to improve their skill in scheduling these new patients.

There will also be prospective patients who prefer to submit an online form. Your program includes lead screening and lead activation. It's designed to activate the qualified new patients for implants and full arch and to lessen the workload for your front desk.  This activation will be through text and email, and also includes promotional emails sent on scheduled intervals to interest and activate them.

new patient scheduling

Unique Digital 20-Page Treatment and Pricing Guide Included to Help You Motivate New Patients to Come to Your Office

Our custom Treatment and Pricing Guide showcases your practice, doctors, experience, treatment, technology and satisfied patients. It educates your prospective new patients on the types of treatment available and helps them to understand their financing options. It helps persuade them to move forward with their treatment.

Our treatment and pricing guide has proven to be a key element in motivating new patients to come to your office. Potential new patients can request it online, and it can also be sent to leads that are being nurtured within the system.


Photo and Video Shoot for Best Personalization

We'll come to your office and do a short video and photo shoot to get the properties we need for your ads, landing page and treatment and pricing guide. This is a vital element in showcasing your practice to your potential implant and full-arch new patients. Your prospects will see you and actual patients instead of stock photos.

Here is a sample of a high-quality photograph of one of our clients with his patient. Your prospective patients will become more comfortable and feel more inclined to contact your office after seeing actual photos of you, your doctors, and your office.


Strategy to Reach Your Goal

We are experts in optimizing digital marketing campaigns for the best possible results in reaching your goals for implant and full-arch patients.

The leads are monitored in a state-of-the-art CRM that will give you detailed information and many custom report options. Your ROI can be easily calculated by proper input and management of this CRM, and we will train your staff in its use. Our marketing system takes about 3 months to fully ramp up but the marketing will be bringing you leads much earlier than that.

We will conduct a monthly strategy meeting as well as review monthly performance reports to help you attain your new patient goals.

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Client Success

All you have to do is to let Gilleard Dental Marketing put you out on the internet.

“My first quarter income is 37% over last year!

“The new patients are darn good patients; it doesn’t get any better than that!

“All you have to do is to let Gilleard Dental Marketing put you out on the internet.

“People are spending pretty significant amount of money without my trying to convince them to do it.”

Gary Perlman, DDS

Free Marketing Consultation

Get a free marketing consultation on how to reach your dental implant and full arch patient goals using our digital marketing system. We will analyze your practice, its location, geographical reach, competition and potential traffic for those services. We’ll recommend a strategy to help you achieve your new patient goals.

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