Internet Marketing

Boost your new patients with our Internet Marketing Program for Dentists

We create custom Internet marketing programs personalized to your practice that are designed to drive a high volume of visitors to your website.

We know how to get you to the top of Google search engine results and how to place you favorably on local search platforms, such as Google My Business Page (Google Maps), Yelp and Facebook.

If you don’t have a website or you want to replace your existing one,  we can create a custom website that includes all the essential marketing factors to make it successful.

Not getting the results you want from your website or Internet marketing?

We are experts in making dental Internet marketing work. We have focused on dental marketing for the last decade and have honed our ability to get optimum results for our clients on the Internet. We can check out your Internet marketing to see what could be improved and we offer free evaluations.

There are two issues to address in Internet marketing:

  1. How good of a marketing tool your website is.
  2. Employing cost-effective and successful methods of getting your target markets to your website.

On 1, there are certain elements that are important to be present in order for your website marketing to be successful. We have a checklist of these and we review them against a website.

On 2, there are some standard tools that all companies use: pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization and local search. All too often, however, they are fully automated and an attempt is made to take a one-size-fits-all solution and apply it to all practices. This approach has only limited workability as as each practice is different. The practice’s location, demographics, type of services being marketed and many other factors can influence results. We can help you by reviewing and evaluating any Internet marketing you are doing.

Free Internet Marketing Evaluations

We offer free evaluations of:

  • Your website. Does it have the necessary factors for optimum results? We’ll check it against our website marketing checklist.
  • Your Internet marketing to your website, such as your ranking on Google compared to other dentists in your area, your reviews (or lack of) on the Internet and the optimization of your local search, such as your Google Maps page, Facebook, Yelp and other directories.

Call 855-486-2410 to schedule your free evaluation or click here to schedule online.

Why use us for Internet Marketing

We understand dental marketing and dentistry.
Dental Internet marketing is highly competitive. To succeed, it requires a deep understanding of marketing, Internet marketing, and in particular, how to market on the Internet successfully for dentists. We have been doing dental Internet marketing for over a decade. We have fine-tuned our protocols so that we are able to achieve optimum results.

We also train our staff in the vital aspects of the subject of marketing and we train them in basic dental procedures and terminology. For instance, it is important that the person running your Internet marketing has a correct understanding of the difference between implant-retained dentures and a same-day hybrid denture procedure.

Gilleard Dental Marketing is a premier Google Partner and our pay-per-click management staff are Google Certified.

Highly trained staff and Google Certified.
All our Internet marketing staff are Google certified and have completed extensive training in best Internet marketing practices. Our training doesn’t stop there.

Completely personalized Internet marketing.
Underlying it all, and the main reason for our success, is that our processes are completely personalized. Our managers work tirelessly to make sure that your Internet marketing does the best it can for your practice and geographic area and the services you most want to market.

Personal, responsive service.
You will also receive personal service and care. From helping you understand what should be done to optimize your marketing to listening to your Internet calls to assess any scheduling issues, and any other marketing help you need to make your Internet marketing a success.

Scientific Internet marketing

We use scientific marketing techniques to delve into the minds of your target publics and produce a website or Internet marketing that resonates with them and motivates them to call your practice.

Our scientific marketing includes:

  • Market research to isolate your target market’s hot buttons, to form a correct demographic and geographic plan, and to ensure you stand out from competitors.
  • Analytic tools to monitor and adjust your Internet marketing, including Google Analytics, analytics software and call tracking.
  • Constant testing and optimization. Especially at the beginning of your Internet marketing, we analyze results and tweak your marketing to ensure you are getting optimum results

What can your Internet Marketing Program include?

Our Internet Marketing Program is tailored to the individual practice and can include any of the below. We evaluate what is needed for you to get the number of new patients in you would like.

  • Custom Dental Websites designed to convert web visitors into your patients. All of our websites are responsive and resize to fit any device.
  • Update of your existing website to make it a more effective Internet marketing vehicle.
  • Call Tracking Service. Not only can we track your calls, we can also use them to improve your receptionist scheduling.
  • Google Maps (known as Google Business Page) optimization to tap into people searching for a local dentist.
  • Search Engine Optimization  Various actions taken to have your website come up as high as possible on the search engines.
  • Pay-per-click advertising (the ads on the top and bottom of search engine results) on Google,  Facebook and Bing. We can track the results to the keyword (search term) used and we keep your campaigns constantly optimized. We also know how to make the most of your budget. Pay-per-click advertising is an excellent way to quickly get you to the top of Google search engine results with a good volume of patients calling in.
  • Review service to assist you in getting your patients’ enthusiastic reviews on the Internet, such as on your Google Maps page.
  • Yelp page optimization.
  • Social Media such as Facebook, blogs and review sites.
  • Professional videos introducing your practice and patient testimonial videos.
  • Receptionist Scheduling Training. Make the most out of your marketing by ensuring your receptionists know how to schedule the new patient calls. We can increase scheduling ratios from an average of about 40 percent scheduled up to 85 percent plus. We offer phone coaching packages as well as in-house training.

Internet Marketing Program Costs

We can create individual programs for each dentist, depending on what is needed. Monthly costs to get you onto the  top of the first page of Google with a low set-up fee. See below for our Essential Website Package for all you need for successful Internet marketing in one program.

Essential Website Package

Our Essential Website Package includes everything you need for successful Internet marketing:

  • Attractive and engaging website that includes all the important marketing elements to get your web visitors calling your practice.
  • Select internet marketing based on your practice and your geographical area to get volumes of your target markets to your website.

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What results can you expect from our Internet Marketing Program?

Our clients routinely double or triple or more their inflow of patients. Read what our clients themselves say here.

Daniela Nguyen

The website is up, Google AdWords is running, and we have a lot of new patient phone calls!!!! You have the magic!

“In May, we had a total of 90 new patients come to the office! We appreciate what you have done for us. The staff I have worked with have been exceptional. The D/Creative Director worked with me on my website, I could see his passion for creating websites. He is very meticulous and has awesome ideas about how to make the website stand out.

“The Internet Marketing Manager is very confident and talented. She seems to know dentistry inside and out. She puts herself into her client’s situation to bring about the best marketing strategy. I admire her work ethic and passion to bring success to her clients.”

—Daniela Nguyen

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