Dental Marketing Videos

Introduce Your Practice with State-of-the-Art Videos

We will create an “introduction to your office” video that shows your practice in its best light. Your video will highlight your strengths and the procedures you most want to feature. Our videos are scripted using hot buttons that we have found through extensive market research, including thousands of surveys on dental patients who have received more extensive dental work .

Each video is carefully storyboarded then scripted by our trained dental copywriters. We use state-of-the-art filming methods and editing to give your video a fresh and intimate look. The video is designed to engage and interest the viewer in your practice and its services, and to make them feel comfortable about booking an appointment.

Feature Your Dental Services with Video

As well as videos introducing your practice, we make videos dedicated to featuring your different dental services, such as dental implants, full-mouth reconstruction, smile makeovers, dentures and Invisalign®. Give your prospective patients a personal and graphic overview of the benefits of a procedure and the benefits of doing the procedure at your practice.

Personal interviews to introduce your featured services

We can also shoot interviews with the doctor introducing and explaining the different services you offer.

Testimonial videos

Nothing is more convincing than third party testimonials from your own patients. We create aesthetic and engaging testimonial videos that can used on your website, social media and YouTube.

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