Holistic Dentistry

We understand the importance of providing toxin-free dentistry that takes into account the whole body. We can help your prospective patients understand it as well.

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We have successfully marketing holistic dentistry for several practices and we know what to do to make it work. There are three types of people you want to reach with your marketing for your holistic practice:

  • The person who is looking for an integrated, whole-body approach to dentistry
  • The person who knows they have issues due to allergies, health conditions or medications
  • The person who is not looking for a holistic dentist but could be made aware of the benefits of holistic dentistry and who will opt to do it that way

Per Google’s search volume data, the first type of person—the one looking for a holistic dentist— is rare. And in areas where there is less consciousness of the benefits of natural treatment, it is rarer still.

It becomes vital, then, to foster the other two types of people and create marketing that interests the general consumer looking for a dentist in the many benefits of holistic dentistry. We do this by using market research and scientific marketing techniques. Part of the science of marketing is to change someone’s mind about something. Or to make something that has been unknown or of little interest interesting and desirable. Once that has been accomplished, we direct the prospective patient to contact your practice for their dental work.

We can help you achieve your new patient goals with our marketing programs, including Internet and direct mail. We offer a Complimentary Consultation to discuss your practice goals and marketing objectives and to see which marketing would be most effective for your particular practice.

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