Dr. Sheldon and The AAIP

A Letter to Periodontists from Lee Sheldon, DMD

There is a renaissance beginning within the periodontal profession which has everything to do with marketing to the public. Gilleard Dental Marketing has been instrumental in helping not only my practice, but the practices of many other periodontists to successfully market directly to the consumer.

AAIP logoThe AAIP is dedicated to elevating the position of the periodontist in the eyes of the public. The person with complex dental needs should be seeing a periodontist because of our specific training in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Gilleard’s scientific approach to marketing, including the use of market research, is instrumental in their success in marketing for periodontists. They excel in both Internet marketing and direct mail campaigns. As a result of Gilleard’s compelling website and Internet campaigns we have been seeing upwards of 20 more new patients.

Lee Sheldon, DMD
American Association of Independent Periodontists