Joel Benk, DDS

In Testimonials by Keith Gilleard


They told me that they were different than any others around and I found out they were.

“After practicing dentistry for 28 years I continue to enjoy it a lot. But I have always had this dream to take a sabbatical from the office for about 12 months and do the things that I always wanted to do, and be able to return to my practice better than it was when I left it.

“When I told my two associate dentists about this dream, they said, ‘have a great time, just make sure there are enough new patients.’

“So I teamed up with one of the best marketing consultant teams I could find, Keith and Deborah Gilleard. They told me that they were different than any others around and I found out they were. They employ a scientific approach to marketing and know how to get results.

“I completed my sabbatical in another state and my dental practice had more than enough fee-for-service new patients with only 2/3rds of the Gilleard Dental Marketing strategy employed. Key to this has been Internet marketing. Through Internet marketing, Gilleard Dental Marketing have implemented a way to generate new patients into my practice in a most cost-effective way.

“The practice has a constant flow of new patients and all I do is admire how well it is all going.

“One of the biggest mistakes I didn’t make was agree that I couldn’t live the dream. I love practicing dentistry, always have and will.”

(That was written near the end of 2008. Below is a more recent story about what happened after we added the magazine to his marketing campaign.)

“My basic approach to marketing is to drive as many qualified new patients into my office as possible. To do that we implement new patient marketing programs and constantly evaluate the quality of new patients by the amount each one spends on treatment plans they accept. So we count each person who has not been in the office before as a new patient, and eliminate marketing to those areas that send in poor quality new patients, i.e. they don’t spend money and don’t come back for care.

“In August 2011 we had 161 new patients and we collected over $345,000.00. [Note: this was over one year ago. The monthly production since then has increased to a much higher range.] The reason I mention this is I have found a direct correlation between the number of new patients, per my definition of a new patient, and total production/collections.

“So I have found the key is the number of new patients. Having said that, the magazine that Gilleard developed for my practice drives in about 40 (plus or minus) new patients per month, and I find the vast majority of these patients get enrolled into higher-end treatment plans as they realize our practice is a high-quality dental office where they can get great care and are more willing to pay for it. This is from what is communicated by my magazine.”

Joel Benk, DDS
Internet Marketing & Magazine