Atlanta Dental Center

In Testimonials by Keith Gilleard


The success of this practice and the expansion of this practice directly corresponds with the marketing I do and will always do with Gilleard Dental Marketing. They are true marketing experts, and they have a complete research arm that provides data for each individual that works with them.

“I have been a client of Gilleard Dental Marketing for at least a decade now. Since starting with you, the only aspect I have not had any problems with was getting enough new patients into the practice. I’ve had to deal with staff, schedules, associates, etc., but the new patients have been constant and increasing. We routinely see 120-150 new patients EVERY MONTH. I can’t remember a month when we had less than 100 new patients in our fee-for-service practice. We do both Internet marketing and print marketing with their custom magazine program.

“One of the best parts has been how much your team does. I literally don’t have to do almost anything. Your direction is clear, honest and effective, and with minimal effort on my end, the new patients keep coming in. I literally had to hire someone just to take the new patient calls, and now I have an additional person part time helping that dedicated new patient scheduler.

“In the 35 years we’ve been around we’ve tried a lot of different marketing plans. I feel like we’ve had every expert in the country call our office with their new and fresh viewpoint on marketing. But Gilleard Dental Marketing has performed like a Warren Buffet portfolio: strong and true regardless of the economic climate. Probably my favorite aspect of Gilleard is that they really understand the process of treatment acceptance, and they engineer the marketing so it actually results in treatment acceptance. So many marketing companies have justified that they got the new patient to call or the new patient to come to the office, but Gilleard’s new patients actually enroll in treatment.

“I highly value my relationship with the Gilleard team. They are true professionals and they know their trade like we know teeth. They are also the only marketing group or marketing anything we’ve used for this long, and it’s because they are more than worth it (yes, they surpassed the archaic 1-800-DDS).

“Thanks to Deborah and Keith and the whole team! Here’s to the next decade of success and expansion!”

Joshua Benk
Internet Marketing & Magazine