Lee Sheldon, DDS
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Periodontal & Implant Dentistry, Melbourne, FL


Four times as many patients the first month I was with Gilleard.

“I’ve been marketing as a periodontist for a number of years and as you know, as a periodontist, we have a shrinking market that we’re marketing to when we’re working with general dentists. That doesn’t mean we take general dentists out of the equation, but frankly there are a number of things we can do and we do them very well and of course one of them is dental implants.

“Marketing is increasingly important for the periodontist. Patients need to know how to find us as the source for treatment planning of complex dental cases. And that’s what Gilleard Dental Marketing has done, brought patients to our office that need complex care.

“When I went to Gilleard I had a lot of experience in marketing myself: I’d had a website and had done different campaigns to bring patients in. When I went with Gilleard, I found that they were able to increase the number of patients that I got. Four times as many patients the first month I was with Gilleard.

“We started with the website and accompanying Google AdWords campaign. Such brings us 20-25 new patients every single month. We then added the sixteen-page magazine to provide additional marketing punch. The magazine is a great public relations as well as marketing piece. We are getting an additional 25-30 new patients from that magazine.

“Periodontists, let’s remember who we are. We are diagnosticians first. We develop predictable treatment plans and work with restorative dentists as well as other specialists to produce long-lasting smiles and function. If you have the mindset that you want to see more patients who need and want the services that we provide, Gilleard can and will provide those patients to you.

“I recommend Gilleard very highly to you. They can create an innovative campaign that’ll make you look professional and will bring more patients into your office.”

—Lee Sheldon, DMD

Internet & Magazine