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Pay-per-click is form of advertising provided by search engines, social media and directories such as Yelp. An ad for a product or service appears in search results or on social media and the advertiser pays when someone clicks on the ad.

For instance, typing in “dentist near Laguna Hills, CA” in Google gives various results. Usually there are one or more ads at the top, some ads in Google Maps and often ads at the bottom of the results.

PPC is a good way to get quickly your website to the top of search engine results.


We’ve helped dentists with pay-per-click advertising since2007. All of our PPC managers are Google certified, and all have many years of experience in dental PPC. We have developed proprietary protocols for creating optimized PPC campaigns that target your desired markets and make the best use of your budget.


Who can we help?

We work with general and cosmetic dentists, implant dentists, periodontists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists, endodontists, orthodontists and pediatric dentists.

The First Step: Analysis of Your Potential Traffic for PPC

When creating a PPC advertising campaign there are various factors to analyze, including your location, the saturation and the demographics of your area population and the amount of competition. We view how much traffic is available for different keywords (search terms such as “dentist near me” and “dental implant dentist”).

We can also analyze the different options open to you for digital marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO), local search, social media advertising and reputation management. We’ll evaluate which type or combination of types of digital marketing would get you the volume of new patients you desire.

We offer a Free Marketing Analysis and Consultation in which we will perform the above analysis and answer any questions you have about the results and our services. Call us at 855-486-2410 or click here to book your consultation online.


The Gilleard Digital Marketing Difference

We are expert marketers and expert in dental marketing. We have been doing dental marketing since 2007. We have adapted the high-tech marketing procedures of ad agencies and big corporations to marketing dentists. This includes market research and surveys so that we can get a look into the minds of your potential patients and create marketing that resonates with them. This means far greater response, engagement and new patient bookings.

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Success Stories

Daniela Nguyen, DMD

The website is up, Google AdWords is running, and we have a lot of new patient phone calls!!!! You have the magic!

“In May, we had a total of 90 new patients come to the office! We appreciate what you have done for us. The staff I have worked with have been exceptional. The D/Creative Director worked with me on my website, I could see his passion for creating websites. He is very meticulous and has awesome ideas about how to make the website stand out.

“The Internet Marketing Manager is very confident and talented. She seems to know dentistry inside and out. She puts herself into her client’s situation to bring about the best marketing strategy. I admire her work ethic and passion to bring success to her clients.”

Daniela Nguyen
Internet Marketing Program
Gary Perlman, DDS

All you have to do is to let Gilleard Dental Marketing put you out on the internet.

“My first quarter income is 37% over last year! (COVID didn’t quite hit till the end of March/beginning of April.)

“The new patients are darn good patients; it doesn’t get any better than that!

“All you have to do is to let Gilleard Dental Marketing put you out on the internet.

“People are spending pretty significant amount of money without my trying to convince them to do it.”

Gary Perlman, DDS
Michael Radu, DDS, MS

Seriously, my new patient flow has increased 100% more than before starting the marketing campaign.

“The reason for not writing you a testimonial sooner is very simple: Gilleard Dental Marketing filled my schedule, to the point that I don’t have time to write!

“Seriously, my new patient flow has increased 100% more than before starting the marketing campaign.

“I used to belong to a category of doctors that believed that doing a great job for every patient is sufficient to see your office grow. Because the inconsistent, sporadic marketing attempts I have done in the past did not work at all, I felt validated in my belief that “marketing doesn’t work.” After having three previous websites (that didn’t work in terms of bringing patients into the office), I decided to study the subject and researched the field for about six months. This included interviewing about eight companies, studying the websites and strategies. After many hours of study and talk to the final three candidates, I decided to choose Gilleard. I came across Gilleard by accident; I liked many aspects of your approach, but what really sold me on you was the lack of duplicate content on your sites!

“The time you put into creating the site was impressive, but it was worth the wait.

“Everything is done right: the copy, the design, the message, the pictures – it is a very accurate representation of me and my office. More than that, this is what my old patients say, and this is what the new patients say, after getting to know the office.

“While the website is the cornerstone of any marketing in this day and age, the rest of the marketing is also at the same high standard. The fact that I don’t have to think about where the next patient is coming from, is huge.

“It really works! Like I said…’I didn’t have time to write you a testimonial’!

“Thank you Keith, Deborah, Rick, Mary Louie, and the rest of your team.”

Michael Radu, DDS, MS
Internet Marketing Program
Lee Sheldon, DMD

Four times as many patients the first month I was with Gilleard.

“I’ve been marketing as a periodontist for a number of years and as you know, as a periodontist, we have a shrinking market that we’re marketing to when we’re working with general dentists. That doesn’t mean we take general dentists out of the equation, but frankly there are a number of things we can do and we do them very well and of course one of them is dental implants.

“Marketing is increasingly important for the periodontist. Patients need to know how to find us as the source for treatment planning of complex dental cases. And that’s what Gilleard Dental Marketing has done, brought patients to our office that need complex care.

“When I went to Gilleard I had a lot of experience in marketing myself: I’d had a website and had done different campaigns to bring patients in. When I went with Gilleard, I found that they were able to increase the number of patients that I got. Four times as many patients the first month I was with Gilleard.

“We started with the website and accompanying Google AdWords campaign. Such brings us 20-25 new patients every single month. We then added the sixteen-page magazine to provide additional marketing punch. The magazine is a great public relations as well as marketing piece. We are getting an additional 25-30 new patients from that magazine.

“Periodontists, let’s remember who we are. We are diagnosticians first. We develop predictable treatment plans and work with restorative dentists as well as other specialists to produce long-lasting smiles and function. If you have the mindset that you want to see more patients who need and want the services that we provide, Gilleard can and will provide those patients to you.

“I recommend Gilleard very highly to you. They can create an innovative campaign that’ll make you look professional and will bring more patients into your office.”

Lee Sheldon, DMD
Internet Marketing & Magazine

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