Stephen J. Feldman, DDS
Internet & Magazine

Periodontist, Venice, Florida
Doctor Success Stories

I am writing this testimonial to relay to future clients of Gilleard Dental Marketing how pleased and thankful we are to have been referred to this company. They understand the dental market and how best to reach future patients. They created our website and also a 16-page magazine all about our practice. They are both extremely professionally done and very visually appealing.

“We are now getting so many new patients from both that we know our initial investment was small compared to the return we are already receiving and which will continue to grow.

“Gilleard Dental Marketing is the best! All their employees are very professional and provide many different services, from the creative directors, distribution personnel, Internet marketing team and much more. “I know this relationship with Gilleard will continue and we will continue to reap the rewards of being their client!”

Our magazines work all year round and there are no off-seasons, even in areas with seasonal fluctuations!

Doctor Success Stories“The magazine you created, published and distributed for our practice has been beyond what we expected. We are so busy this off season. The summer and especially August has traditionally been slow but not this year. We are extremely busy and most new patients come from the magazine. Most of the other offices in our area are all slow, but not us! We are as busy as in season or more.

“The magazine reaches people who are unaware of what dental help is available in their area and do not know where to go. It always is a surprise (and a very pleasant one) when we realize how many people need dental care but do not know where to go and what type of care is available. The magazine provides those answers and it is us! The needs are not seasonal and there are so many people in need of dental all year round.”

—Stephen J. Feldman, DDS, PA

Internet Marketing & Magazine