Why Using Hot Buttons is Vital

Your prospective patients have lots of choices of dental practices to go to. They get these choices in the mail, they get them via coupons packs, they look for them on the Internet, they hear them on the radio, and they even see them on TV.

What makes them choose one dental practice over another?

First, let’s do a little exercise:

Think of the last sizable purchase you made, whether personal or for your practice. Think of the reasons you picked that brand over other brands. Those reasons would be your hot buttons.

Hot buttons are used to get the target audience interested in reading more about a product or service being offered. They are the words or phrases that resonate with the reader.

A couple of automotive examples of hot buttons used in marketing:

Tesla Ad

A lot of people can agree with this – plenty of power but no harm to the environment!



Your classic luxury car with BMW’s trademark engineering finesse


So, back to the question: What makes someone choose one dental practice one another?

The marketing about the practice has to contain the hot buttons of the person looking for a dentist. In other words, it has to say the things that the person wants a dentist and a dental practice to provide. If this is not there, that person has no reason to choose that practice. Or if it is not there in sufficient quantity, they will go with the practice that does say the right things.

This factor is the single most absent thing in dental marketing that we have seen.

How do you find Hot Buttons?

Hot buttons in marketing need to appeal to the highest percentage of your target audience. Examples of a target audience: middle class women aged 35 to 60; young adults who want to get their teeth straightened; denture-wearers who might want to stabilize their dentures, or replace with them a same-day loading procedure type solution.

You find hot buttons by doing a survey. You survey your target audience and find out what they need and want from a dental practice and a dentist, or for a particular service you want to deliver.

Scientific Marketing

We use scientific methodology in all our marketing. An essential part of this is market research, including surveys. We use hot buttons specific to the practice we are marketing for in our custom magazines or in our websites. As a result, our clients have interested prospective patients calling and emailing their practices to book appointments.

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