Custom Dental Marketing Using Scientific Techniques

Our Deputy Creative Director for Internet Marketing working with one of our coders on a website.

We use proven scientific marketing techniques to provide successful marketing for our clients. Not only can we boost your new patients, we can also get you patients for the specific services you most want to deliver. As well as general dental services, we successfully market dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, full-mouth reconstruction, periodontal treatment, laser dentistry, CAD/CAM dentistry, sleep apnea treatment, TMJ treatment and more.

We offer top-of-the-line Internet marketing, direct mail campaigns and internal marketing and branding. We provide effective marketing for general dentists and specialists such as periodontists, orthodontists and prosthodontists.


“My new patient flow has increased 100% since starting the Internet marketing campaign.” — Dr. Michael Radu

Our Comprehensive Internet Marketing Program

Our Internet Marketing Program includes everything you need to get a high volume of patients for your different services. We can target specific services such as dental implants and specific geographic areas. Our attractive and modern websites are fully responsive and adaptable to all devices, including mobile phones.

We use state-of-the-art methods to drive people to your website, including pay-per-click advertising. As a marketing agency dedicated to dental marketing, we have been able to develop very successful systems for procuring our clients a good volume of your target audience.

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“I have had more quality, large cases come in ready to do treatment with this magazine dollar for dollar than any other form of marketing that I’ve ever used.”
— Dr. Smurthwaite

Our Custom Magazine Program

Our unique and highly successful direct marketing program

This premium program is highly successful in procuring high-production cases for our clients. Our unique 12 and 16-page magazines feature the doctor, the practice and your most important services. Although solely featuring your practice, the magazines look and feel like commercial magazines and are attractive and engaging. They are distributed to your target demographics around your practice and bring in a steady volume of patients for the type of services you want to market.

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Dental Implant Marketing


We specialize in dental implant marketing and the majority of our clients place implants or have a strong working relationship with a specialist who places them. We are successful in marketing single, multiple tooth solutions and full-arch implant solutions including same-day loading full-arch implants and full-mouth reconstructions. We have procured many high-production cases for our clients.

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Are you getting the results you want from your current marketing?


If you’re not getting the results you want from your marketing we should talk. Coupling good dentistry with good marketing will always give you the volume of new patients you need for the procedures you most want to deliver.

We use market research and scientific principles to create marketing that works uniformly for our clients. Our agency is dedicated to marketing for dentists and we have proven programs that we have developed over the years. We know we can help you. Please give us a call or send us an email to schedule a free consultation with us. We can review your current marketing, answer any questions and go over the options we have available to help you reach your new patient and financial goals.

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Find out how you can increase your new patient flow with the kind of patients you want.

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