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Doctor Success Stories

Actual dentists tell of their success in marketing implants and other high-production services using our proven marketing programs.

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Custom Magazine Direct Marketing Program

Our unique custom magazines feature the services you most want to market. They have proven success in bringing in high-production cases as well as general patients.

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Dental Implant
& Specialist Marketing

Learn about our successful, direct-to-consumer marketing techniques for attracting high production cases in the fields of implant dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics and more.

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Cutting-edge Dental Marketing Techniques

Cutting-edge marketing techniques used by multi-billion dollar corporations introduced into the world of dental marketing by Gilleard Dental Marketing

Similar to dentistry, marketing is an art and a science, and one size doesn’t fit all. Each dentist and each practice is unique with differing objectives and unique challenges. We apply the science of marketing to plan what will work best for that practice, and use aesthetics to create impact.

Using cutting-edge marketing principles, we can help you not only get a good flow of new patients, but also get more of the new patients you would like to attract. Whether you are a beginning practice that needs a strong new patient flow, or an existing practice that would like to refine its market to attract the bigger cases, such as cosmetic makeovers, dental implants and full-mouth reconstruction, we have the know-how and experience to help you.

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Expert Internet Marketing

A main focus for us is Internet Marketing. It is well established that in this age strong Internet Marketing is a must, as your contemporary dental shopper uses the Internet to find and decide which dentist to go to. But what constitutes strong Internet marketing?

You can break it down into two basic steps:

  • A website that is a successful marketing vehicle in its own right
  • Marketing to drive the right prospects to the website. This includes, as the main methods of achieving this, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, social media such as Facebook, blogs and review sites.
Custom Dental Marketing

As a Google AdWords Certified Partner, we know how to best optimize your pay-per-click advertising. Our Internet Marketing team are certified Google professionals, with extensive experience in running AdWords campaigns for dentists.

As marketing professionals, we know how to apply SEO techniques in a way that enhances your overall marketing as well as raising your position on the search engines. This is important as with each new release of Google’s search algorithms, good marketing practices play a more prominent part.

Making your marketing dollars work

Equal in importance to driving qualified visitors to your website is having a website that converts the visitor to a patient. Thousands of dollars can be spent doing best practices in search marketing (PPC, SEO, etc.) only to have that money wasted by having a website that is not effectively marketing your practice.

Websites with generic text and stock photos, and that don’t use vital marketing techniques, such as hot buttons in the messaging and appealing offers, won’t engage the web visitor.

We create websites that are effective in marketing your practice.

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A unique Dental Marketing Program

Custom Dental Marketing

Our unique print dental marketing program gets unprecedented results wherever we have implemented it. This is our Custom Magazine Direct Marketing Program. It can be done as a standalone program or in conjunction with our Internet Marketing Program.

Attract people needing high-end work

Our beautiful magazine features your practice and the services you most want to market. It is completely custom-created for your practice and designed to interest and engage the person looking for a good dentist to help them restore their smile or oral health.

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Solid background in ad agency
and corporate marketing techniques

Custom Dental Marketing

Deborah Gilleard giving a seminar on marketing for small business owners.

Keith and Deborah Gilleard, the principals of our marketing agency, come from a successful background in corporate and ad agency marketing, and apply these best practices to dental practices.

They have manned our marketing agency with personnel who are experienced and competent in their fields. Keith and Deborah remain very hands-on in all aspects of our agency; supervising and training, and always working to take our agency to the next level of performance.

Market Research — A key to success

Key to successful marketing is an understanding of what makes your prospective patient tick. What will get them interested in coming into your practice and doing the dental work they need for an attractive and healthy smile.

We have conducted thousands of surveys of dental patients and prospects on subjects such as dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, what they want from a dentist and much more.

But as every dentist and his location is unique, we do market research for each dentist before beginning work for them, including a competitive and demographic analysis and a custom survey. As a result, we, and you, are not making wild guesses in what to write and what imagery to use.

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