Gilleard Dental Marketing Executive and Client Services Team

Portrait image of Deborah Gilleard, CEO.

Deborah Gilleard has been working as a marketing professional and executive since 1989. She ensures the quality of all our clients’ marketing remains consistently high and that our personnel are properly trained and apprenticed.

Portrait image of Keith Gilleard, President.

Keith Gilleard has been in marketing, public relations, the graphic arts and photography his entire career. Together with Deborah and our Creative Director, he sets the high standard of aesthetics in our marketing, as well as ensuring our clients receive responsive, friendly and caring service.

Vice President
Portrait image of Mary, Vice President.

Mary has been working for Gilleard Dental Marketing since 2011. She has a Bachelors in Computer Science and she oversees the administrative and business development segments of our company.

Creative Director
Portrait image of Dental Marketing creative director, Rick.
As Creative Director, Rick is responsible for all aspects of creating your custom magazine, from strategy to art direction, layout, copywriting, design and printing. He has been working for Gilleard since 2012 and came to us with a strong background in graphic arts and pre-press. He makes sure our custom magazines are of commercial magazine quality.
Lead Marketing Consultant
Portrait image of Lead Dental Marketing Consultant, Robyn.
Robyn works directly with customers to help them strategize and achieve their marketing goals. She has a Bachelors in Economics and Mathematics, a background in corporate marketing and relationships and has worked for Gilleard since 2014.
VP Business Development
Portrait image of Lead Dental Marketing Consultant, Robyn.
Alex has been with Gilleard Dental Marketing since 2020, assisting in various roles in the company then taking over VP Business Development. He is well-versed in Gilleard’s products and services. He has worked in the healthcare field for many years helping practices grow.
Creative Production Manager
Portrait image of Dental Marketing Magazine Distribution Manager, Stephanie.
As the Creative Production Manager, Mo works directly with our clients and the Creative team to ensure projects are done efficiently. From sign up to magazine printing, Mo is our client's primary point of contact. Mo is very reponsive and will make sure your magazine gets into people’s hands as fast as possible.
Distribution Manager
Portrait image of Dental Marketing Magazine Distribution Manager, Stephanie.

Stephanie works directly with our clients to plan out the most optimum demographics and exact routes for distributing their custom magazine so that the best results are gotten each time.

Senior Editor
Portrait image of Senior Editor, Ann.
Ann works with our Custom Magazine Program clients to get their magazines ready as fast as possible for printing and distribution. She is also an experienced and talented copywriter and she helps out with our clients’ magazine reprints.
Lead Designer
Portrait image of Brenda, Lead Designer.
Brenda does an excellent job with the design and pre-press of our custom magazines. After a career in photography and graphic design, we were very happy when Brenda landed at Gilleard Dental Marketing in 2017.
Lead Copywriter
Portrait image of Lead Copywriter, Derek.

Derek is our lead copywriter and layout artist. He is himself a professional graphic artist, writer and copywriter and brings his years of experience and knowledge to creating our custom dental magazines.