Unique Dental Marketing to Get You Qualified New Patients

Reach the right target demographics.
Great ROI.
Consistent flow of full-arch and implant cases.

We've been marketing large cases for over 14 years and have tested multiple marketing avenues. We wanted to provide our dentists with "pre-sold" new patients. We wanted a steady flow without overburdening the doctor or administrative staff with cold "leads".

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Two dental magazines

Gilleard Custom Magazine Program

Our Custom Magazine Program fits all the above requisites, and more. It also serves to brand your office as a top dental office in your area. Hundreds of clients across the US are using this program to take their practices to the next level.

We know exactly what to say and show to motivate your target demographics to go to your office as we've done over 10,000 interviews with large-case patients and found out exactly what's important to them.

Learn more: Dental Custom Magazine Program.

Successful Implant & Full-Arch Marketing

Most of our custom magazines focus on implant and full-arch treatment. They are the perfect vehicle for this as they target the right demographics, many of whom are not searching online. The magazine provides enough content about implant and full-arch treatment, the doctor(s), your practice, testimonials, etc. to trust you and call your office.

Learn more: Our Implant and Full Arch Marketing Program

Why Use Gilleard Dental Marketing

A man standing with a layout sheet pointing to a detail with a seated blonde woman at her desk.

Our Creative Director reviewing a client's custom magazine layout with a copywriter.

Owners Keith and Deborah Gilleard smiling at the camera
Gilleard Dental Marketing owners, Keith and Deborah Gilleard, are marketing experts with decades of experience in all facets of marketing and dental marketing.
  • We are experts in dental marketing.

    We've been working with dental practices for more than 14 years. Each of our staff is not only trained in their area of expertise, but also in dental marketing. Our marketing programs are based on sound marketing principles plus our years of experience in dental marketing.

  • Marketing customized for you

    Using stock photos and generic content doesn't convert your marketing to new patients. To make marketing work, especially for bigger cases, you have to customize it. That means copy (content) and imagery that is specific to your practice, showing the value and benefits of doing dental treatment at your office.

  • We use analytics, market research and other scientific marketing.

    The owners of Gilleard Dental Marketing, Keith and Deborah Gilleard, are marketing experts, experienced in corporate and ad agency style-marketing. They took these proven marketing strategies and streamlined them for dental marketing, including market research and surveys, which provide the blueprint for success.

  • We have a proven track record of success in dental marketing.

    We have been marketing dental practices since 2007. We track all our results and have developed protocols to help clients have successful marketing. As a testament to this, many of our clients stay with us, year after year.

  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer service.

    Our team will respond promptly to any questions or requests you have. Our staff will give you knowledgeable assistance and help you get the most out of your marketing.

  • We'll work to understand your needs and help you achieve your goals

    We get to know you and your practice through in-depth interviews and study of your practice and your geographical area and demographics. Our aim is to have a full understanding of your practice and the benefits of going to your office for dental treatment. Our objective is to help you achieve your new patient and practice goals.

Get More New Patients of the Kind You Want!

Our dental marketing is designed to engage your potential new patients and motivate them to contact your office. By using ad agency-style marketing technology, we are able to create marketing for your practice that resonates with your target audiences and gets them to not only want to do the treatment that will help them, but also to do it at your office. Many of our clients say that their new patients come in "pre-sold" by our marketing.

By creating truly custom marketing using scientific marketing technology, we also ensure your website or print piece differentiates you from other practices.

Helping you achieve your dental practice goals

Profit can be increased by increasing the number of high-production new patents you obtain. Delivering more dentistry per patient also allows practice owners to reach various other goals, such as being able to do the dentistry they most enjoy, more free time, the ability to bring on an associate or open a new office, or even to be able to sell their practice for a desirable amount.

We can help you achieve your new patient and practice goals as well! Call us at 855-486-2410 or contact us online to set up a Free Marketing Consultation.

Dr. Kenneth Levine standing at an x-ray machine smiling
Dr. Kenneth Levine has been a Gilleard client since 2015. We created a website and a custom magazine for him. He keeps his magazine in circulation and reprints regularly. He had ordered at total of 450,000 magazines as of the end of 2021.

What our clients have to say about us:

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