Dental marketing office
Gilleard Dental Marketing executives

Gilleard Dental Marketing is headed by Keith and Deborah Gilleard. They are long-time corporate marketers well-versed in marketing strategy and what it takes to make marketing work. They have applied this know-how to the development of dental marketing programs designed for dentists looking to market for more than just bread and butter dentistry.

Gilleard Marketing started out as a market research company in the early 2000s. Through their market research, they were able to help from start-ups to multi-billion dollar companies create successful marketing. In 2008, the Gilleards opened Gilleard Dental Marketing with the intention of providing corporate-level marketing to dental practices. They manned up our company with skilled personnel that they trained in dental marketing best practices and programs they developed. They also made sure that our clients would have friendly and intelligent customer service.

Our programs are completely custom, designed to portray the strengths and philosophies of our clients’ practices and the services they most want to market, including high-production cases such as implants, full-arch cases and cosmetic dentistry.

What Our Clients Say

Slide I can’t say enough good things about Gilleard and the process they use to get the magic formula, as it were, to make your office grow. Laguna Hills, CA Ryan Conkle, DDS Slide I recommend Gilleard very highly to you. They can create an innovative campaign that’ll make you look professional and will bring more patients into your office. Melbourne, FL Lee Sheldon, DMD Slide Jeffrey Lee MD, DMD The amount of referrals from our network has steadily increased, and our doctor’s reputation and status as an opinion leader in our field has been established by the professional look and communication of our custom magazine. Tustin, CA Jeffrey Lee MD, DMD Slide John Poczatek, DMD In our first year with Gilleard Dental Marketing we grew our practice 27%. In our second year we grew 39%. We reached our capacity of 10 operatories within 2 years. No other marketing has given us near the same return on investment! Bessemer, AL John Poczatek, DMD