Smiling woman with a magazine in her hands.

New Patient Calls After Seeing the Magazine

As part of our Custom Magazine Program we do call tracking so that we can have accurate count of the number of people calling in from the magazine, and what services they are calling about. The call tracking can also be used to help improve front desk personnel.

Here are a few quotes from new patients calling in who had seen the magazine.

I was in the works getting implants for 4 months and I still didn't have anything done! I got your brochure in the mail and I'm looking at it like, this is a sign! Because we haven't been happy and I don't know where to turn. I'm ready to do this.


The magazine is very, very impressive. The guy who cuts my hair - his picture is in there! I'm so excited. I read the whole thing and I want to get in there. I want to let you know I'm really impressed and I want to come in there.


I need so much work! I've been debating for weeks who I should go to. Then I open my mailbox and I see this brochure! And I said I didn't realize the dentist did all these things. I went to him years and years ago. I'm going to call him and make an appointment. So this brochure, I'm in real estate and we often wonder if our advertising does any good. But I can tell you, it never even crossed my mind that he did all of this! And there he is smiling at me. To me it was like a sign. This is like meant to be. You can't find the answer, then here's the answer in your mailbox!


We received your booklet and I was very impressed. I never saw anything like this. Usually it's just a card or whatever. My husband is seriously thinking about getting a denture with implants. We had almost made a decision but then we got your booklet. We were very impressed by the way you presented your dentistry.

I got this small magazine with the dentist on the cover. Is this something you did? Unbelievable! It's pretty impressive. The magazine does say consultation.

A coworker gave me a magazine, she knew my situation, she saw this and thought of me. I see a Free Implant Consultation here, does that apply to me?

I'm considering being a new patient. He sent around a magazine, about his practice. I'm in the process of looking for a new dentist. I work in the industry. I've got this little brochure and it looks like he's got a lot of technology. I've been looking at the dentists. My goal would be to get in try to get in there as soon as I possibly could.

I have a magazine that someone just gave to me. I was just looking through this magazine - I'm very impressed! My husband may want an appointment as well — I showed him the magazine and he said WOW! Where's that? My girlfriend picked up two accidentally (at Kroger's) and she dropped it off to me.

I got a magazine in my mailbox from you guys, it's very impressive and I just want to talk to you about it. I'm so excited, I read the whole thing and it's really impressive. I'm trying to get in there, I've been suffering for years and I've got to get something done, I really do. I'm very impressed and I want to come in and see you. I haven't been to the dentist in decades, missing teeth, not in pain but I need some serious work done. I can hardly talk, I can't chew like I want to.

I love the name, very intriguing. I need help, I got the magazine with my buddy Bernie in it. He knows I've really been needing this. Because of what he said and what you did, this is going to save me a lot of shopping around and this consultation and that consultation, I don't have the time. I need my mouth ripped apart. I don't know what I need, but I will probably need the oral surgeon. I'm holding my hand over my mouth these days, I just want to smile.

I got your wonderful flyer in the mail, it's a book actually and I want to make an appt. I have every kind of dental procedure in my mouth, I have bits and pieces of everything and I need help, I'm unhappy with things and this booklet, my gosh.

The cover of the Gilleard Dental Marketing brochure. The headline reads: Get the large-case new patients you want.

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