For solo prosthodontic practices or for practices with a prosthodontist.

Dental marketing for Prosthodontist

Prominent prosthodontist Dr. Vahik Meserkhani and his team in a new practice he opened. Dr. Meserkhani has been using our marketing for many years to attract the kind of patients he most wants and to open new practices.

We have many prosthodontic clients for whom we have successfully marketed restoration procedures and dental implants. We understand the prosthodontist’s role as the “quarterback” of restorative dentistry, and highlight his importance in providing correct diagnoses and treatment plans.

Our Custom Magazine Direct Mail Program is particularly effective for prosthodontists. Our glossy, colorful and high-quality magazines are made entirely to showcase the benefits of going to our client’s practice. They provide plenty of space to feature the services, skills and experience of the prosthodontist as well as testimonials from satisfied patients.

We also offer excellent websites and Internet Marketing. We have been marketing for dentists and high-production cases for many years and have developed best practices that ensure we get you optimum results on the internet.

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Success Stories

Slide Holt Gray, DMD Not a day goes by that we do not have at least one new patient that has both found us and been preheated because of our custom Gilleard Marketing programs. Coupling the help of a complete marketing plan with more well-defined internal systems has resulted in our revenue increasing by over $100,000 PER MONTH! “I would highly recommend Gilleard Dental Marketing for anyone looking to attract the type of new patients every dentist desires. The Gilleard Dental Marketing approach is a cornerstone to our new patient flow and a major part of our practice's success. Bessemer, AL Holt Gray, DMD