Images of a custom magazine made for oral surgeons looking to market dental implants to patients..

Dr. Jeffrey Lee is a well-established oral surgeon in Orange County, California. He came to us to increase the implant side of his practice and is now into his second printing of his successful custom magazine.

Increase your new patients with our expert services for Oral Surgeons

Many specialists come to us to fill the vacuum created by lessening referrals, or to simply be able to market directly for more profitable cases. We are experts in implant marketing and other high-production cases. We have helped many specialists transition from a referral-only practice to a practice with both referrals and a healthy direct-to-patient practice. Oral surgeons are considered experts in their field and we are proud to be able to help them bring their expertise to people needing dental implants and oral surgery.

We offer two programs for oral surgeons: our Custom Magazine Direct Mail Program, which can be used also to market to referring doctors, and internet marketing. Our high-quality custom magazines are made to showcase the benefits of going to a specific oral surgeon’s practice. They provide plenty of space to feature the skills, experience and services of the oral surgeon, and also testimonials from satisfied patients.

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