Image of a website and magazine made with the Custom Dental marketing for Holistic Dentists program.

We have successfully marketed holistic dentistry for several practices and we know what to do to make it work. From our market research, we know that most people have little to no knowledge or interest in holistic dentistry. Good marketing can both educate and interest people in coming to your practice for healthy dental services.

We can help you achieve your new patient goals with our proven internet and direct mail marketing programs. We offer a Complimentary Consultation to discuss your practice goals and marketing objectives and to see which marketing would be most effective for your particular practice.

Reach your target demographics directly with effective direct mail marketing

Our custom magazine program is especially effective at reaching target audiences for implants, full-arch and full-mouth restoration. Our 12-or16-page custom magazines educate readers on the benefits of doing their dental restoration with a prosthodontist, and doing it with you, at your office. The magazine features you, your office, your major dental services, your technology, patient testimonials and more.

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Example Custom Dental Marketing Magazines created by Gilleard Dental Marketing

Free Marketing Consultation

We’ll evaluate your practice and assess what the best marketing strategy will be for you. We’ll answer any of your questions and provide information on what return you could expect from your marketing investment.

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The Gilleard Difference

We use proven marketing technology. We are full-service dental marketing company using procedures rooted in the proven best practices of marketing as used by ad agencies and corporations. Just as in dentistry, there is a specific marketing technology. We have taken this technology and streamlined it for our dental marketing. One of the key technologies we use is market research and surveys. With these we can get a direct look into the mind of your target audiences. Our surveys get us “hot buttons”—words or phrases that resonate with target audiences and motivate them to read your marketing and call your practice for an appointment.

Headed by expert marketers

Gilleard Dental Marketing was founded by Keith and Deborah Gilleard. They have decades of experience between them in the technologies of marketing, public relations and market research, marketing for multi-billion-dollar corporations, start-ups and businesses of all sizes and shapes. They have given seminars worldwide on marketing and market research.

In 2007, they formed Gilleard Dental Marketing to bring the proven technologies of marketing to the dental world. Our company has grown yearly since then, and has been included several times on the INC 5000 list of fastest growing companies.

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