Get Qualified Leads with Our Proven Implant Marketing System

We have been marketing dental implants and full-arch treatment since 2008. We have developed a marketing system that targets the ideal demographics and has a high conversion rate.

Our system includes a custom landing page designed tailored to engage, interest and motivate people to call your office; integrated tracking; front desk training; and digital marketing designed to maximize returns in your area.

It is most successful paired with our premium implant marketing program, the Gilleard Custom Magazine Program. We combine the power of print going directly into target mailboxes with digital advertising hitting in the same areas.

Client Dental office

We're Experienced with All Types of Dentists and Geographic Areas

Our clients include general dentists, prosthodontists, periodontists and oral surgeons, as well as single-practioner, multi-practitioner and multi-specialty offices.

We know how to market for all types of full-mouth treatment, whether it's All-on-X, implant-retained dentures or a more traditional approach to full-mouth reconstruction.

We market successfully in all kinds of areas: dense urban, metro downtown, sprawling suburbs, small towns and rural.

Experienced Digital Marketing

We focus our digital marketing on procuring your office high-quality new patients. We use methods that will reach people who are actively searching for implants or full-mouth rehabilitation.

We've been marketing for dentists for over 15 years. Our digital ads managers are dedicated solely to dental marketing, emphasizing implant marketing. They know exactly how to set up and run your ads campaigns to get the highest return for your budget and eliminate the wasteful spending which is common in digital marketing.

Sample digital ad for Gilleard Dental Marketing

Custom Built Landing Pages

Our implant and full-arch landing pages are based on market research and years of experience marketing for implant dentists and specialists.

To get the results you want, it's vital to show your prospective implant and full-arch new patients not only the importance of getting their implant treatment, but also why they should get their treatment in your office. On your landing page shows the expertise and experience of you or your doctors, the friendly and comfortable office environment, and the benefits of why a patient should come to you for dental implant treatment.

A example Gilleard Dental Marketing landing page for Dr. Rishi Kapur
Dr Newby showing CT scanner images to new patient

Precise Tracking and Conversion into New Patients

Your new patient phone calls for implant and full-arch need to convert at your front desk into scheduled patients. They then need to be converted into treatment acceptances.

We implement a tracking system and train your front desk in how to use it. We listen to all your calls and pinpoint any weaknesses in the scheduling process. Your staff are coached on these points by our scheduling trainer. If the process appears to be falling down at treatment acceptance, we can provide best practices for successful treatment coordination and acceptance.

We review monthly performance reports and conduct monthly strategy meetings to help you attain your new patient goals.

Synergize Your Digital Marketing with Targeted Direct Mail

Our digital marketing is designed to reach people actively searching for implants or full-mouth solutions. It leaves out all the people who are procrastinating or don't know about the solutions available to them, or that your dental office is ideally equipped to help them. Our Custom Magazine Direct Mail program makes the perfect partner for a successful implant campaign.

custom dental magazine

Client Success

All you have to do is to let Gilleard Dental Marketing put you out on the internet.

“My first quarter income is 37% over last year!

“The new patients are darn good patients; it doesn’t get any better than that!

“All you have to do is to let Gilleard Dental Marketing put you out on the internet.

“People are spending pretty significant amount of money without my trying to convince them to do it.”

Gary Perlman, DDS

Free Marketing Consultation

Get a free marketing consultation on how to reach your dental implant and full arch patient goals. We will analyze your practice, its location, geographical reach, competition and potential traffic for those services. We’ll recommend a strategy to help you achieve your new patient goals.

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