The Gilleard Difference

We are results-driven

We keep track of all your marketing results to make sure it is working. Over the years we have cataloged what is successful and have developed best practices that measurably increase results. We have a twelve-year-plus track record of excellent results in dental marketing.

Scientific marketing and market research

Just like dentistry, marketing is a science and an art. The science is in market research, using proven procedures and accurate tracking and analytics.

Market research is essential in order to create marketing that will really resonate with a target market. Any large, successful corporation or organization conducts extensive market research; we employ it to determine the right messages and imagery for your particular practice and geographic area. Market research considerably raises the amount of people calling for appointments after seeing your marketing. It is particularly beneficial in attracting high-production cases.

The art of marketing is in creating aesthetic designs that attract and appeal to prospective patients. But even this involves a scientific approach, as we conduct market research to establish which imagery will work best for a marketing piece.

Custom dental marketing magazine example page.

Proven to Procure High-Production Cases

Many of our clients have obtained their highest-production cases directly from our Custom Magazine Program. While our magazines are successful in driving in any type of patient to the practice, they are specifically designed to interest the person who needs extensive dental work.

Completely custom to you

We make sure we understand your practice and your goals. We learn about your services, your philosophy of practice, your strengths and differentiating points. We also survey your best patients to learn from them what they most like about your practice. Our marketing is designed to engage and interest the reader in booking an appointment at your practice.

Highly responsive

Our process is highly individualized, as is our customer service. We have knowledgeable client service points at each step of the procedure. We are easy to get hold of and respond quickly.

Blonde female Custom Dental Marketing researcher on telephone looking at computer screen.

Market research gives us an edge in Implant Marketing

Market research enables us to find ways to give you a competitive edge, especially for dental implants and full-arch and full-mouth reconstruction cases. Dental implants are currently in great demand across the U.S. With 3D technology, they are more accessible than ever for people needing tooth replacement.

With this high demand, and the increasing proliferation of dentists learning how to place implants, has come increasing competitiveness. Not only from the individual dentist and specialist, but also from corporations forming chain implant services. In order to get a good volume of implant patients, is vital, therefore, to have marketing that stands out above other marketing. With market research we have been able to create marketing that attracts, interests, engages and causes new patient scheduling for the implant treatment they need.