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Most effective marketing program for implants, full-arch and other large cases.

We formulated the Gilleard Custom Magazine Program in 2007 as a method of attracting larger cases, such as implant, full-arch, cosmetic and full-mouth rehabilitation cases, as well as specialty services such as Invisalign, LANAP, one-visit crowns and sleep apnea and TMD treatment. 

Our  Custom Magazine Program can often out-perform Internet marketing for large cases, both in quantity of cases  and cost. It can also be as an addition to digital marketing.

Reach Directly into Your Target Neighborhoods for Implant, Full-Arch and other High-Production Cases!

Our custom magazines are sent directly to your target audiences. As the magazines are large and attractive, they get the recipient's attention and engage their interest. They are sent to the correct demographics for large cases using an economical Post Office program and by scouting for appropriate communities.

There are several key target markets you can reach with the right direct mail. Many of these people cannot be easily reached via digital marketing. These target markets include:

  • Older people, such as 55+.
  • People who are procrastinating or nervous about getting the dental work they need.
  • People looking for a good dentist, or who are undecided about which dentist to go to.
  • Many people have no idea of the efficient solutions available today, such as one-day teeth replacement. This includes people with broken-down dentition and denture-wearers. These people are not looking online as they don't know these solutions exist.
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Why we developed our Custom Magazine Program

By Keith Gilleard

Portrait of Keith Gilleard, President of Gilleard Dental Marketing

In 2007 a dentist friend of mine asked us to market for his practice as his current marketing wasn't getting him the high-production cases he wanted.

My partner and I come from a corporate, market research and ad agency background, so we put our heads together and worked out how to really reach target markets for large cases. We knew we could get internet marketing reaches, but that missed out a lot of key target markets, so we explored direct mail. However, from our research, traditional direct mail such as postcards and brochures was mostly producing hygiene/filling/crown-type new patients.

We realized that traditional direct mail simply doesn't have the impact or space to truly market large cases. Marketing these days needs to STAND OUT in order to get someone's attention. That's step one; so we created a magazine-sized brochure that had an attractive picture and large text on the cover, based on the market research we had done.

Step two is to have sufficient space. You need to have information about the procedures with illustrations and photos. You need to show the office and doctor(s) and outline the benefits of doing treatment at that practice. You need testimonials, preferably with actual photos of patients, that prove the treatment was successful. Our magazines are 12 to 16 pages and have the space needed.

Since that fateful day with our dentist friend, we have created hundreds of custom magazines for all kinds of dentists and dental specialists throughout the US, with often spectacular results, such as people coming in with the magazine in hand ready to get tens of thousands of dollars worth of dental work, or practices experiencing huge jumps in income and profitability.

Key Essentials of Our Custom Magazine Marketing Program

Our magazine program is based on market research and a deep understanding of your practice, its services and what you are trying to accomplish. Each magazine program includes the following key elements:

  • Custom market research and surveys
  • A professional, custom photo shoot planned to capture imagery that will engage the reader and interest him or her in booking an appointment
  • Detailed strategy based on the market research, your interviews and what we know works for your type of practice
  • Copywriting by our highly trained dental copywriters designed to reflect your office’s strengths and benefits and elicit phone calls
  • Attractive, professional design
  • Full distribution plan to successfully reach your target markets
  • Tracking of results, including detailed call tracking and front desk training where needed

Learn more about our program on our FAQ page. Call or email us to request a free brochure on the Gilleard Custom Magazine Program. Call 855-486-2410 or click here to request the brochure online.

A Successful Direct Mail Program

Direct mail marketing for dental practices usually consists of postcards and small brochures. Our experience has been that these have limited workability. Postcards and brochures tend to get lost in the clutter of a mailbox, and they don’t have the space to properly market your practice. They work best when marketing a cheap offer, such as a cheap exam, X-rays and cleanings. A cheap cleaning offer can bring in volume new patients, but not often patients that stay for more dental services.

In counterpoint, our custom magazines completely stand out in the crowd of promotional mail. They immediately attract attention and interest and engage the reader, motivating him or her to call the office. They attract new patients who want to take care of more extensive dental work.

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Who can benefit from the Custom Magazine Program?

Our custom magazine clients are general dentists, periodontists, oral surgeons and prosthodontists. The magazine works well for any larger case, but is particularly successful for implants and full-arch cases. Many people need implant or full-arch treatment but are unaware of solutions available or where to go. The magazine provides the information they need to 1) decide to get the procedure they need and 2) to choose your office.

We have clients all over the U.S., in city, suburban and rural areas. We have clients in both affluent and working-class communities. It works well for all types of geographic areas.

Dentists in competitive areas with many dentists benefit from the magazine's uniqueness and often substantial cost-savings over using Internet marketing.

Example Gilleard Custom Dental Marketing Magazine display featuring four different practices from around the USA

Our Magazines Have Proven Results

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