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Most effective marketing program for high-production cases.

The Gilleard custom magazine will interest and engage your target audiences and procure the high-production cases you are looking for. It works particularly well for obtaining implant, full-arch, cosmetic and full-mouth rehabilitation cases. 

The program  can  obtain a good volume of any kind of case, at cost-effective rates. We prepare distribution plans that reach into specific neighborhoods targeted by age, income, type of housing and more. 

We have tested many different marketing methods, including internet marketing, direct mail postcards or brochures and social media, and our magazine program has proven the most successful in procuring cases such as dental implants, full-arch cases, full-mouth reconstruction, smile makeovers and large gum treatment cases.

Key Essentials of Our Custom Magazine Marketing Program

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Our magazine program is based on market research and a deep understanding of your practice, its services and what you are trying to accomplish. Each magazine program includes the following key elements:

  • Custom market research and surveys
  • A professional, custom photo shoot planned to capture imagery that will engage the reader and interest him or her in booking an appointment
  • Detailed strategy based on the market research, your interviews and what we know works for your type of practice
  • Copywriting by our highly trained dental copywriters designed to reflect your office’s strengths and benefits and elicit phone calls
  • Attractive, professional design
  • Full distribution plan to successfully reach your target markets
  • Tracking of results, including detailed call tracking and front desk training where needed

Learn more about our program. Call or email us to request a free brochure on the Gilleard Custom Magazine Program. Call 855-486-2410 or click here to request the brochure online.

Dental Implant and High-Production Cases Marketing

Today, dental marketing tends to center around internet marketing. While internet marketing is an essential form of marketing for any practice, we have found that it has certain limitations when marketing implants or other high-production cases.

Internet marketing mostly relies on the person searching for something and knowing how to search for it. For instance, a person who wears dentures but is not happy with them, might not know that full-arch tooth replacement with dental implants is available, yet has the means to obtain it. This person can be reached, however, by direct mail of the right kind.

Keywords such as dental implants are becoming more and more competitive online as well as expensive. However, the opposite is true of our custom magazine program which provides a means of making your practice stand out above the competition and allows you to successfully get in front of your target market.

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A Successful Direct Mail Program

Direct mail marketing for dental practices usually consists of postcards and small brochures. Our experience has been that these have limited workability. Postcards and brochures tend to get lost in the clutter of a mailbox, and they don’t have the space to properly market your practice. They work best when marketing a cheap offer, such as a cheap exam, X-rays and cleanings. A cheap cleaning offer can bring in volume new patients, but not often patients that stay for more dental services.

In counterpoint, our custom magazines completely stand out in the crowd of promotional mail. They immediately attract attention and interest and engage the reader, motivating him or her to call or email the office. They attract new patients who want to take care of more extensive dental work.

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Our Magazine Program with Internet Marketing

Many of our clients combine their custom magazine program with our internet marketing program for strong branding and synergistic increase of new patients. Our websites are based on the magazine in their appearance and text, along with our successful systems for internet marketing.

Our Magazines Have Proven Results

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