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Create new revenue streams with Gilleard’s effective marketing programs for periodontists.

Gilleard Dental Marketing helps periodontists with direct-to-consumer marketing programs to increase their new patient numbers above their referred patients. Many periodontists have a declining referral base, or simply need more new patients than referrals can give them.

We service many periodontists throughout the U.S. with our successful internet and direct mail programs. These are specifically designed to engage, educate and interest the reader in coming to a periodontist for the dental implant or gum treatment services he or she needs.

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Our Successful Magazine Program for Periodontists

Our most successful program for periodontal marketing is our Custom Magazine Direct Mail Program. Our custom magazines are made specifically for a practice and are expertly designed to appeal to people needing more extensive dental work, including periodontal and implant treatment. The magazines are sent to the target demographics that have been isolated to be most likely to be interested in a periodontist’s services. The magazines’ engaging format and similarity to commercial magazines make them attractive, interesting and desirable to keep – extending their shelf-life for a year or more.

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Expert Internet Marketing for Periodontists

We have found it takes expert internet marketing to achieve good results for periodontal practices. Our internet marketing staff are Google certified and continuously train on the latest and best search marketing practices. We have used our many years of experience in marketing periodontal treatment and dental implants to develop protocols that get optimum return despite the increasing competitiveness of the internet.

Our internet marketing services include custom websites, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization and other methods we have tested and proven to obtain optimum exposure.

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