Small towns have specific attributes that make dental implant and full-arch marketing both great and difficult.

The great: Small towns usually have a wide area from which to draw patients, who are often underserved when it comes to good dentistry.

The bad: It can be difficult to reach these potential patients. They are not necessarily on the internet or know what to search for in order to solve their dental issues.

Small town dentists have complained to us that patients drive sometimes hundreds of miles to the nearest big city instead of coming to them for extensive dental work. This is often because the patients are unaware that quality dentistry is available right in their own backyard.

Custom Magazines for Small-Town Dentists

custom dental magazine

Our 12- and 16-page custom dental magazines work perfectly for small town implant and full-arch marketing. They are sent to targeted areas in a wide radius around your practice. They are highly informative about the implant and full-arch procedures you do, as well as dental services you want to feature. They brand you solidly as the dental practice to go to get the work they need.

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Success Stories

Our clients with practices in small towns do exceptionally well with our Custom Magazine Program. Read some of their success stories!

A portrait of Dr. Bernard Ang of Amherst, NH with his magazine cover

“I wanted to let you know that I’ve been doing really well with the magazine! The other day I met a magazine patient and was talking to him for less than five minutes and the patient said ‘Okay, yes, when can we do this!’ and signed up for $60,000 worth of treatment. That same day I placed 7 implants on another magazine patient. Lately, I’ve been signing up patients left, right, and center from the magazine! Last year I did $1.9 million in treatments, and this year, I’m already up to about $1.4 million! And it’s only June!”

Bernard Ang, DMD
Amherst, NH

Dr. Raney has a practice in a small town in Wyoming servicing a wide area around them. They wanted to increase their hybrids to a point where that’s the main thing they do.

“The magazines have been so well received, it has been nuts. People who have needed help for a long time are coming to us because of the way the magazine is written and presented. They literally couldn’t eat because of their teeth. And now we are able to help them.

“The magazine has been so great for us. Thank you.”

Rick Raney, General Dentist
Sheridan Wyoming
A portrait of Dr. Rick Raney of Sheridan, WY with his magazine cover
A portrait of Dr. Alex Flora of Minocqua, WI with his magazine cover

Dr. Alex Flora’s practice is located in the small rural town of Woodruff, WI with a population of just over 2,000.

Last year we produced a custom magazine for his office and have been distributing it throughout the northern Wisconsin region.

He has been consistently getting high-quality qualified calls into his office from the magazine, far above the national average for his distribution amount.

 These patients are pre-sold on the services they are asking about and the office is only too happy to schedule these patients to come in for these high-production treatments.

Dr. Marinic has been running a successful practice in Evanston, Illinois for 30 years, focusing on full-mouth rehabilitation, implants, cosmetic cases and CEREC. He has been a client of ours for over 12 years, and recently moved his practice to Sedona, Arizona. Here's his story:

“Hi, my name is Dan Marinic. I’m a general dentist; I’ve been practicing about 33 years. I started doing full-mouth rehabilitation about 30 years ago, and currently our office does large implant cases, cosmetic cases, CEREC® cases and full-mouth rehabilitation. About 12 years ago, I did my first 16-page magazine with Gilleard in Evanston, Illinois, which is just north of Chicago, and it was wildly successful.

“Recently, I got tired of being cold and moved to Sedona, and started a practice from scratch. Didn’t know a soul here. And before even I started building out the office, I went back to Gilleard and had them put together another magazine—and it’s also a 16-page magazine—and we’ve been getting 50 new patients a month since we started the practice three-and-a-half months ago. These patients have asked for implants, full-mouth rehabilitation…

“So, the interesting thing about the magazine is, when we were developing the magazine, they asked what type of patients I would like to get. And the magazine actually attracts, because of the articles, the exact type of patients—the implant patients, the full-mouth rehabilitation patients, as well as cosmetic patients. And, when the patients come in, they already anticipate that they’re going to have the work done here in our practice.

“So, to start a practice from scratch and to be able to have 158 patients in three-and-a-half months is basically unheard of. This is, as I said, our second magazine that we've done with them. Had a long relationship. They do a phenomenal job. They’re working out our distribution plan—in fact, right now our problem is that we can’t handle the number of new patients that are coming in, and we’re trying to work on staffing properly so that the patients get a proper new patient experience.

“So if you’re interested in growing a cosmetic practice, an implant practice, CEREC—give Gilleard a call and you’ll be surprised at the number of patients that you’ll be able to get to grow your practice. Thanks so much.”

Dan Marinic, DDS
Sedona, Arizona

A portrait of Dr. Dan Marinic of Sedona, AZ with his magazine cover
A portrait of Dr. Ray Munz of Blacksburg, VA with his magazine cover

Dr. Raymond Munz owns a denture and implant practice in Blacksburg, a rural town in Virginia. Over the years he has worked with us, he has gone from stabilizing dentures with mini implants to doing full-mouth reconstruction procedures using implant-supported zirconia teeth.

“I have been using various marketing media for my dental practice for the past eight years. I relied mostly on TV marketing and some direct mail marketing and was able to produce a considerable income but at a significant cost. Wanting to improve my margin of profit, I decided to try a different approach. Last year I used Gilleard Dental Marketing to develop both a website and a custom magazine and the results have been fabulous.

“My marketing costs have reduced while gaining more qualified patients, thus increasing profits and decreasing stress. For anyone saying, ‘A good website is too expensive,’ I say ‘It’s one of the least expensive ways to market.’ Sure, there is an upfront fee to pay but over time it becomes increasingly less until it disappears and thereturns are invaluable. Gilleard Dental Marketing has created the best website I’ve ever seen and themagazine has worked even better than I hoped for.”

Raymond Munz, DDS
Blacksburg, Virginia

"The magazine program created for us by Gilleard is the most successful program we have ever used for acquiring new patients."

"The magazine program created for us by Gilleard is the most successful program we have ever used for acquiring new patients. Every month we consistently have excellent new patients calling to schedule their new patient exams.

"We have had a magazine with Gilleard since 2015. In 2020, after being shut down for 8 weeks due to COVID-19, we are now on track for a record month in June. The magazine drives our new patients and makes this possible.

"Our practice is based on large cases, and our goal when we first got with Gilleard Dental Marketing was to increase patient flow and get more patients that were prequalified for our practice. We met these goals through the Gilleard custom magazine. We’ve been using the magazine for years and it gives us a stable monthly flow of new patients. We also like that we have worked with the same team since starting at Gilleard.

"The magazine accurately lets potential patients know who we are before they ever call us. The magazine gives a peek inside the practice and creates a positive and lasting image outside our office. In addition to the magazine, Gilleard is running a successful Google AdWords campaign for us. Visits to our website have increased and the flow of new visitors is consistent each month.

"If you want to increase new patient flow of the kind you want, you must reach your target market. Creating a magazine about you with Gilleard will drive new patients to you. I highly recommend using Gilleard Marketing for your dental practice. They have the experience and know-how to create unique dental campaigns suited to your individual office."

Update November 2022

"We are still having record years, we're not dependent on insurance at all. Most people coming in from the magazine are for big services. A patient came in yesterday to see Dr. Kuhn and he had the magazine in his hand. He was there for the All-on4 consultation. It's hard to get the information out there about those services because those folks aren't going online to find them, so the magazine works really well."

Mandy Kuhn-Grimshaw, DDS
Internet Marketing & Magazine

"The magazine program Gilleard Dental Marketing has developed is an ideal marketing program to showcase your practice’s high production services and your competence in these areas."

“The magazine program Gilleard Dental Marketing has developed is an ideal marketing program to showcase your practice’s high production services and your competence in these areas. The magazine Gilleard created for our office in South New Jersey has consistently provided us with a flow of new patients looking for serious dental work.

“Gilleard uses state-of-the-art marketing technology, including market research, to ensure success. The magazine program is completely unique in the dental marketing world and works well to position a practice as the place to go to for the dental services you most want to deliver.

“If you are looking to reach your next level of new patients while also increasing your profitability, I highly recommend Gilleard Dental Marketing.”

South New Jersey

John Nosti, DMD serves as an instructor in functional cosmetics, full mouth rehabilitation, and TMJ dysfunction. He owns two practices in South New Jersey.

We started working with Dr. Nosti in 2015. We created a custom website followed by a custom magazine that featured his high-end services. Dr. Nosti has reprinted his magazine several times. The latest reprint features his new associate after his partner, Dr. Milton Noveck, retired.

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