Reach All Your Target Markets for Dental Implants and Full-Arch Dental Implants With Our Custom Digital and Print Programs

We have been marketing dental implants and full-arch dental implant cases for dentists and dental specialists since 2008. We have over 200 clients using our programs, many of whom have been with us for many years. We use digital and direct mail marketing (our custom magazine program) that is designed specifically to procure new patients who are ready to get dental implants or full-arch dental implant treatment.

We do this by using market research and surveys for your practice to find out what would get your target markets interested in doing dental implants or full-arch dental implant treatment and what they would be looking for when choosing a dentist. This information acts as the blueprint for your marketing and we base our content and imagery on it. We also get hot buttons that we use in the content to motivate the person to book an appointment at your office.

We offer Free Marketing Consultations in which we’ll analyze the best way for your practice to increase both dental implant cases and full-arch dental implant cases.

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Our Implant and Full-Arch Marketing Is Designed to “Pre-Sell” the New Patient

Your website or custom magazine will showcase your practice and the benefits of going to it for implant/full-arch treatment. Both our websites and custom magazines are full of the exact content and imagery that we know will get the reader interested and motivated to do the implant or full-arch treatment they need, and to do it at your office.

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Our Marketing Stands Out

Implant and full-arch marketing has become very competitive. Our implant marketing is designed to attract and engage the recipient and motivate them to make an appointment. Our custom magazines are full-color glossy, com-mercial-magazine-sized. They stand out from any other direct mail and have a long shelf life. With 12 or 16 pages, they also have enough space to really educate and engage the reader on the benefits of implant and full-arch treat-ment and the value of doing them at your office.

Likewise, our websites are full of pictures from your office, testimonials and pictures of patients. They are designed to grab attention and keep the person reading.

We Have Proven Results

Our clients get a steady amount of implant and full-arch cases from their magazine and web programs. We have helped our clients achieve their goals for their practices, whether it’s to increase profitability, the ability to hire associates, open new offices, have more free time, or have the pleasure of doing the type of cases they most enjoy doing.

See Our Implant & Large Case Studies & Testimonials

“Thanks to the magazine we have gone to a whole other level. In the first months of distribution in 2020 we went from one full-arch case per month to eight. By the end of the year we had gone from $3.5 million production in 2019 to $4.5 million (including 2 months closed) and in 2021 we are on track for $6.5 million. Major credit goes to the magazine.”

Rishi Kapur, DMD

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Keith and Deborah Gilleard

Owners Keith and Deborah Gilleard are expert marketers.

Keith and Deborah Gilleard

Deborah and Keith have given marketing workshops for businesses all over the US and in Europe.

The Gilleard Difference

  • 13+ years focusing on dental marketing. We know how to get our dentists the best returns.
  • We focus on large case marketing, especially implants and full-arch.
  • Our company is founded and led by expert marketers, Keith and Deborah Gilleard. Both Keith and Deborah have a long history of marketing for all sizes of businesses, including multi-billion-dollar corporations.
  • We use the proven marketing technologies used by ad agencies, adapted and streamlined by the Gilleards for dental marketing.
  • Our goal is a successful client. We work hard to get the best re-sults possible for our clients, using precise marketing techniques and providing attentive client service.

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Free Implant Marketing Consultation

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