full-arch implant marketing

We know how to get you full-arch implant cases!

Full-arch implants, including one-day procedures and implant-retained dentures, are in hot demand right now. Patients suffering with broken-down teeth or uncomfortable dentures are becoming aware of the benefits of implants to provide them with full chewing power and an attractive smile.

Our primary program  for full-arch implant marketing is our Custom Magazine Marketing Program. Our clients obtain an average of 4–6 full-arch impant cases per month.

We use market research to create a winning strategy for your magazine. The layout, design and text are based on knowing the needs of your target markets and a knowledge of your geographic area, as well as a good understanding of your practice and your approach to full-arch implant cases. Each magazine showcases the benefits of going to your particular practice.

We have helped scores of clients all over the U.S. successfully market their full-arch implant cases. We can help you as well. We start with an in-depth complimentary consultation to understand your practice and your goals. We review any marketing you are doing currently and we will create a program tailored to obtaining a good volume of full-arch implant cases for your practice. To help you get the marketing you need, we also provide affordable payment plans.

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