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We interview the doctors that will be featured in the magazine. We find out what procedures you want to promote, how you do them, the equipment you utilize and your basic overall philosophy of dentistry.


We do a competitive analysis of the area, find out what your competition is offering so we can differentiate you from the pack.


We survey some of your best patients and find out what they like about the doctors and the practice, how they found out about you, what they look for when they choose a dentist and what’s important to them. We also tabulate all your online reviews to see what your patients say their strong points are. We’ve also done over 10,000 surveys since 2008 on what patients are looking for when they choose a dentist and we would use all that information to write the magazine.


Custom photoshoot. Based on all the information we gather, we design a photoshoot that will best illustrate what patients are looking for when they choose a dentist.


After the photoshoot, we start to design and write the magazine. There are several rounds of edits and once you approve it, it goes to print.


While we are creating the magazine, our distribution team will come up with a strategy on getting out your magazines to the right demographic based on age and income. We use EDDM.


We also put a special tracking phone number on the magazine so we can keep stats on who’s calling and what they’re calling about. We give you monthly reports and if you have time, we’d like to have monthly talks to go over anything that needs to be addressed.


Then we would print up 50,000 magazines and send them out every month depending on your goals. We usually start with 5,000 minimum a month but some of our clients send out up to 40,000 a month.

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