Portrait image of Keith Gilleard, owner of Gilleard Dental Marketing.
Keith Gilleard, owner of Gilleard Dental Marketing. Gilleard Dental Marketing has been providing marketing programs for dentists since 2007.

At the end of October, I visited Dr. Dan Marinic in Sedona to do a photo shoot for his next marketing piece. He had opened a new practice from scratch in July and wanted to attract large implant and full-mouth rehabilitation cases. He was starting with no patient database and an office that required full buildout.

The first thing Dr. Marinic did was to send out custom magazines we made for him. We distributed to select neighborhoods in and around Sedona and he took some around to local businesses. The result: 158 new patients in 3 1/2 months. This number included new patients asking for procedures such as dental implants, full-mouth rehabilitation and cosmetic work.

Completely custom to your practice

Our approach is always custom and based on what will best achieve our client’s practice goals. In Dr.  Marinic's case, he wanted to fill his practice quickly and at the same time make himself known for being able to offer procedures to take care of people's more complex dental needs. The custom magazine was able to do both.

We use market research and surveys to create marketing that talks directly to your potential patients, attracting, interesting them and motivating them to book an appointment at your office. Since 2007, we have been providing internet, digital and print marketing that have generated millions of dollars for our clients. We work with general dentists and dental specialists of all kinds in all areas of the U.S. 

If you are interested in getting more new patients for the services you are most interested in delivering, call us for a Free Marketing Consultation, or click here to book a consultation online. The consultation is no-obligation and we’ll be happy to give you advice on any aspect of marketing your practice. 


Here is another testimonial. This is from Joe Kerner. Joe is Managing Partner of four practices in Virginia and North Carolina. We created a custom magazine for his Potomac Falls Virginia office, co-owned with Nadar Hawa, DMD. The office was relatively new and needed marketing that would stand out and immediately draw high-production cases.

Portrait image of testimonial subject, Joe Kerner.

“Gilleard Marketing created a custom magazine for our North Virginia practice around 18 months ago. We have mailed out thousands of the magazines each month. The results have been spectacular.

“The magazine has brought us 20-25 additional new patients each month. But far more important than this, the production and income increase has been amazing. We have sold and delivered dozens and dozens of implant and esthetic cases, valued from $30,000-$50,000, and dozens more cases from $10,000-$20,000.

“We have sold and delivered hundred of implants and implant-supported prosthetics as a result of this magazine. This magazine attracts large cases, and attracts people who need and want high-end dentistry. We are amazed at the quality of people this magazine attracts.

“The return on investment has been enormous. If you are a good clinician who delivers high-end dentistry, then the Gilleard magazine is for you. We are in an extremely competitive and saturated market, and the magazine sets us apart from all other practices in the area.

“Gilleard takes care of all design and production as well as distribution of the magazine. The end result is an extremely well-done and professional magazine.”

—Joe Kerner

Would you like to increase your profits?

For most dentists to be truly profitable, they need to deliver a decent volume of higher-production cases. Our Custom Magazine Direct Marketing Program is the ideal marketing method to get you a good volume of new patients for all your procedures. This includes dental implants, full-arch cases, full-mouth rehabilitation, cosmetic dentistry, one-visit dentistry, sleep apnea and TMD treatment.

To learn more about our Custom Magazine Program, call us at 855-486-2410, or click here to schedule a Free No-Obligation Marketing Consultation.

Portrait image of dentist, Dr. Charles Smurthwaite..
Dr. Charles Smurthwaite has been a client of Gilleard since 2014. He told us: “I’ve had more quality, large cases come in ready to do treatment with the custom magazine, dollar for dollar, than any other form of marketing that I’ve ever used.”
implant magazine covers

For our Custom Magazine Direct Marketing Program, we create unique 12- and 16-page magazines that are tailored to fit the new patient goals of each practice. These magazines are distributed to the practice’s target demographics.

Portrait image of testimonial subject, David Jurman, DDS.

“We developed a great partnership with Gilleard Dental Marketing and adore the magazine they created for us. Their thorough distribution strategy helped us target the exact audience we wanted and increased our case volume from one full arch every other month to one every other week!”

—David Jurman, DDS

Portrait image of testimonial subject, Tarun Agarwal, DDS.

“As a long-time client of Gilleard Marketing, they have continually provided me with a consistent level of new patients.

“Most of my high-production cases come to our office because of Gilleard’s magazine, bringing in an average of 4-6 full-arch cases each month.

“Without question, a Gilleard magazine is the best way to market your implant and high-production services.”

—Tarun Agarwal, DDS

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