Bill Davidson, DDS
General Dentist
Internet Marketing

General, Cosmetic, CEREC & Implant Dentistry, CEREC & Galileos Instructor, Northfield, OH


Gilleard’s campaign has generated more new patients for my office than any other I have tried.

“What is the value of a GOOD new patient? $500? $5000? More? Different sources will put different values on new patients, but one sure thing is 40% of practice production over the course of a year can and should come from new patients! Attracting a good stream of new patients, even for those in ideal locations, can be a challenge.

“The most successful way of attracting new patients I have found has been with the help of Gilleard Dental Marketing. Gilleard put together a customized website and marketing program BASED ON MY PRACTICE. From the DAY we went online with our new website, with online advertising, we began attracting quality new patients looking for the type of dentistry I like to deliver. Implants, crowns, veneers, cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign® are some of the procedures our new patients HAVE COME IN REQUESTING! When new patients come in they are looking for treatment.


“We are reaching our target audience and then some, with effective search engine optimization. Just the other day a dental office in Texas (we are in Ohio) typed in ‘Velscope’ and called our office to find out about the technology. Our office came up before the manufacturer!

“I have paid money for advertising in the past with varying degrees of success. One time I paid $18,000 for a joint TV campaign with other area dentists and got no response, zero new patients! Gilleard’s campaign has generated more new patients for my office than any other I have tried. Best of all, now that it is set up, new patients just keep coming.

“With Gilleard I have received prompt attention, a successful campaign, and LOTS of new patients. What more could I ask for?”

—Bill Davidson, DDS

Internet Marketing Program