Image of a magazine cover featuring attractive woman for Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry.

Marketing Experts for Cosmetic Dental Practices in Memphis

Gilleard Dental Marketing successfully markets cosmetic dentistry in Memphis, TN. Cosmetic dentistry marketing requires special marketing expertise because it is based on interesting a patient in improving their looks and spending discretionary income rather than the necessity to improve their oral health.

We have found the most successful way to market cosmetic dentistry is through our custom magazines, distributed where prospective cosmetic patients are most likely to be. Our unique, high-quality magazines showcase your cosmetic services and the patients who can benefit from them.

Our approach is completely customized to each dental office and each magazine is individually designed and written to market the strengths of your practice. We use market research to isolate the most effective messaging and imagery for greatest appeal to your target markets.

Images of custom Cosmetic Dentistry magazines created by Gilleard Dental Marketing.

Cosmetic Dentist Marketing Success Stories

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