Dental Office Front Desk Scheduling Tips

August 11, 2017
by Keith Gilleard

Dental receptionist taking an appointment on the phone.Your front desk can make or break your marketing. An inexperienced, poorly trained receptionist can inadvertently send prospective patients away in droves! We have listened to many thousands of new patient calls into dental practices as part of our call tracking service and we have isolated the major issues receptionists run into.

What to Look Out for in Your Front Desk Personnel

These are the main points that can stop your receptionists successfully scheduling:

  • Not maintaining a high level of friendliness throughout the call.
  • Poor phone manners.
  • Insufficient interest in the caller’s dental problem.
  • Inability to give callers confidence that their dental issue can be handled by your office.
  • Insufficient knowledge on how to schedule a new patient.
  • Not able to to quickly differentiate the types of calls coming in and prioritize them correctly.
  • Not rapidly handling calls so that most attention is put on new patient calls, and secondarily, existing patient calls.
  • Not handling cancellations well.

Working with your front desk personnel on these points can raise your scheduling ratios to acceptable levels and measurably increase your return on investment of your marketing. It’s worth investing some effort into accomplishing this.

In order to ensure a better return on investment, we include our call tracking service, scripts and basic front desk coaching in our Internet, direct mail and custom magazine programs. We also have remote phone training and in-office training services, advisable for practices whose front desk are inexperienced or untrained.

To schedule a free consultation for our receptionist phone training service, call [phone] or send us an email.

About the Author

Keith Gilleard
Keith Gilleard is President of Gilleard Dental Marketing. Gilleard has been providing effective and unique marketing programs for dentists since 2007.