Increasing New Patients – The Key Ingredients, Part 6: Dominating With Your Brand

Did you know that marketing done correctly can bring you into a position where you can dominate a market or industry?

It’s true, you can utilize your marketing so well that you become the one that people start thinking of when they need your service.

There are many examples of this, for decades people referred to the action of making copies as “Xeroxing” after the Xerox company. Today you “Google” on the internet instead of searching on the Internet, you ask for a “Sharpie”, not a permanent marker.

Why?  Because these companies have used marketing so effectively that their brand has actually become the item in the publics minds.

Gilleard Dental Marketing’s Custom Dental Magazines, when used with a Gilleard Dental Marketing Website, are helping those dental practices employing them to reach deeply into their communities and create a demand for their services like never before.

The combination of new patients in from the website and new patients in from the magazine, added to the number of referrals from those new patients, continues to grow over time. The results grow, the effectiveness of the marketing increases and YOUR sphere of influence grows.

This synergy creates a larger and larger sphere within which YOU may automatically be the Dentist they think of when the word dentist comes up.

YOU can become the “Google” in their minds.

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