Image of a family being greeted by a dental practice's receptionist for a new patient appointment.

Increase your scheduling ratio and increase your new patients using existing resources!

Our scheduling training program was created to help our clients prevent the loss of potential new patients and make the most of their marketing. It is based on listening to thousands of phone calls and analyzing the most successful actions as well as the most common errors. In addition, we brought on certified trainers, highly experienced in training personnel in superior communication skills.

Image of the "New Patient Scheduling Training Program" kit.

Our new patient scheduling training program kit includes a CD with sample calls, a flip chart for easy reference and a guide to new patient scheduling.

Our Scheduling Training Program Includes:

  • Call scheduling evaluation with a tailored program for individual needs.
  • Package of training materials with key articles on correct procedures for scheduling; a CD of 33 incorrect and correct calls; a flip chart with ready answers to routine queries.
  • Onboarding with Scheduling Training Director
  • A series of one-on-one training sessions to address the exact needs of each receptionist.
  • Role playing to master phone techniques that increase scheduling ratios to optimum levels. 
  • Progress reports: We monitor calls to observe receptionists’ performance and provide end-of-program evaluations. 

If your receptionists are scheduling below 70%, or you don’t know your current scheduling ratio, it’s time to take action.

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Make sure your receptionists are trained with the valuable procedures and tools needed to schedule at least 70% of new patient calls.