Increasing New Patients – The Key Ingredients, Part 3

January 27, 2015
by Keith Gilleard

A good number of impressions on Google is not the same as good impressions made on Google!

Quite often it comes up that a practitioner has had a lot of interaction with salesmen from dental marketing companies and are really interested in (and often confused about) getting to be “number one” on Google or “dominate their area” by coming up on the first page of Google using Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click and having blogs and Facebook, Google+, Twittering and so forth.

They have been fully indoctrinated in the idea that all you need to do to get a lot of new patients is to get your ads and websites “in the faces of as many people as possible” and new patients will follow.

Many have tried these ideas before I get to know them. The ones who did almost one-for-one didn’t get to see anywhere near the results they expected, plus had not increased their new patient numbers nor got the type of patients they wanted while doing these marketing activities.

It is not that the companies selling SEO and social media are wrong in any way – there is a vital need for good companies that know how all this works and who do it well for their clients.

What is wrong about it usually is that there is a lack of knowledge by the practitioner about a vital ingredient in any marketing.

The missing ingredient

What is it?

Resonating with the target market’s viewpoint!

What is it that is important to the person visiting the website? What is it that they need and want? What is it that they would demand or expect from a dental practice, practitioner or particular service?

If these questions were fully answered on your website, you would attract and interest your target market and they would be likely to act in the direction of making an appointment. This would occur because they would be in agreement with you and what you are saying and showing on your website.

We find out what will resonate with the target markets by doing research and marketing surveys. Asking people what they like and dislike and consider valuable. If you can show people you have the same ideas about things as they do, they will like you, just as when you meet people with the same interests as you, you like them. Same in advertising and marketing.

Multi-billion dollar companies use marketing research pretty well constantly to improve the effectiveness of their advertising. This technology can be used to help you in your quest for more new fee-for-service patients.

Call me if you would like more information on how we use this technology in creating marketing plans (strategy) and the parts of that planning related to the Internet. I’d be happy to give more information on this subject.

All the best,
Keith Gilleard
President of Gilleard Dental Marketing

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Keith Gilleard
Keith Gilleard is President of Gilleard Dental Marketing. Gilleard has been providing effective and unique marketing programs for dentists since 2007.