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Mandy Kuhn Grimshaw, DDS Kuhn 2021

"The magazine program created for us by Gilleard is the most successful program we have ever used for acquiring new patients."

"The magazine program created for us by Gilleard is the most successful program we have ever used for acquiring new patients. Every month we consistently have excellent new patients calling to schedule their new patient exams.

"We have had a magazine with Gilleard since 2015. In 2020, after being shut down for 8 weeks due to COVID-19, we are now on track for a record month in June. The magazine drives our new patients and makes this possible.

"Our practice is based on large cases, and our goal when we first got with Gilleard Dental Marketing was to increase patient flow and get more patients that were prequalified for our practice. We met these goals through the Gilleard custom magazine. We’ve been using the magazine for years and it gives us a stable monthly flow of new patients. We also like that we have worked with the same team since starting at Gilleard.

"The magazine accurately lets potential patients know who we are before they ever call us. The magazine gives a peek inside the practice and creates a positive and lasting image outside our office. In addition to the magazine, Gilleard is running a successful Google AdWords campaign for us. Visits to our website have increased and the flow of new visitors is consistent each month.

"If you want to increase new patient flow of the kind you want, you must reach your target market. Creating a magazine about you with Gilleard will drive new patients to you. I highly recommend using Gilleard Marketing for your dental practice. They have the experience and know-how to create unique dental campaigns suited to your individual office."

Update November 2022

"We are still having record years, we're not dependent on insurance at all. Most people coming in from the magazine are for big services. A patient came in yesterday to see Dr. Kuhn and he had the magazine in his hand. He was there for the All-on4 consultation. It's hard to get the information out there about those services because those folks aren't going online to find them, so the magazine works really well."

Mandy Kuhn-Grimshaw, DDS
Internet Marketing & Magazine