Michael Radu, DDS, MS

In Testimonials by Keith Gilleard

Michael Radu, DDS, MS

Seriously, my new patient flow has increased 100% more than before starting the marketing campaign.

“The reason for not writing you a testimonial sooner is very simple: Gilleard Dental Marketing filled my schedule, to the point that I don’t have time to write!

“Seriously, my new patient flow has increased 100% more than before starting the marketing campaign.

“I used to belong to a category of doctors that believed that doing a great job for every patient is sufficient to see your office grow. Because the inconsistent, sporadic marketing attempts I have done in the past did not work at all, I felt validated in my belief that “marketing doesn’t work.” After having three previous websites (that didn’t work in terms of bringing patients into the office), I decided to study the subject and researched the field for about six months. This included interviewing about eight companies, studying the websites and strategies. After many hours of study and talk to the final three candidates, I decided to choose Gilleard. I came across Gilleard by accident; I liked many aspects of your approach, but what really sold me on you was the lack of duplicate content on your sites!

“The time you put into creating the site was impressive, but it was worth the wait.

“Everything is done right: the copy, the design, the message, the pictures – it is a very accurate representation of me and my office. More than that, this is what my old patients say, and this is what the new patients say, after getting to know the office.

“While the website is the cornerstone of any marketing in this day and age, the rest of the marketing is also at the same high standard. The fact that I don’t have to think about where the next patient is coming from, is huge.

“It really works! Like I said…’I didn’t have time to write you a testimonial’!

“Thank you Keith, Deborah, Rick, Mary Louie, and the rest of your team.”

Michael Radu, DDS, MS
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